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So frustrated, so I watch the others that had surgery around the same time as I did. I have been doing the diet and vitamin routines to a "T". Why are my mates dropping pounds and my scale is goose eqq of loss every week I weigh in? Is this really a reboot? My surgery date was July 20 2016. I am down 18 pounds AND HOLDING. not sure what the heck is happening.

pre op weigh in was 255 (down about 8 pounds for my liver shrinking pre op diet)

1 week out 245 (water weight I am hearing from my body attacking glycogen)

2 weeks 240 (maybe 5 legit fat pounds)

3 weeks 237

4 weeks 237

5 weeks 237

6 weeks 237 (starting to feel like the "0" girl on the biggest looser show) I can see the trainers jaw fall on the floor!

Is this a normal thing? I set myself up with expectations and now they are not being met. I am starting to regret my decision to have done this surgery. ( I know this too shall pass) I am struggling with the mental hardship of knowing I can never eat like I used to and freaking out that I will remain this way and still be 237 pounds!! please let me know I am not the only one experiencing this. PS I am never hungry so I feel the weight of that burden is gone. JUST ready for the scale and my clothes to catch up. Still a size 24.

Any comments welcome !!

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