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  1. It will be wonderful! Have a great time, relax and enjoy! You are ready for the rest of a fun filled life! I already feel better and I was just banded on 2/18!
  2. I wish my mom had helped me out with my weight when I was 13 instead of telling me to stop eating! Go for it girls!
  3. Amen to that sister! I banded on 2/18 and let me tell you, the hospital here in the states gave me too many pain meds after knee surgery 5 1/2 years ago and I respiratory arrested and went into ICU! At OCC, Dr. Ortiz's staff made sure I was comfortable and here I am! alive, well and sooooooooo very happy! I agree, if you were going to have heart bypass would you go to someone that did 1 or 2 month or 6-8 a day! Well, you picked the surgeon who does 6-8 a day! He has it down to a science and it was wonderful! Woo Hoo! Have a ball and enjoy the attention! =D>
  4. You can do it! Stay on the forum because I was banded on 2/18 and let me tell you, i get strength everyday from something I read on the forum! You can do it! It will be one week tomorrow for me and I am doing great! Go for it!
  5. just banded on 2/18 and was told no stomach exercises for 3 months and no real exercise except walking for 3 weeks. I do not think swimming with the glue on the stitches would be good right now but i walked a mile 4 days after surgery! Good luck! >
  6. I was banded on 2/18 and my cars look like the very first photo where you can hardly see them and it has not even been a week! I have very little bruising and you can not see the port! Promise! I may post pics of the day after surgery of my "scars!"
  7. I agree with lanie! I was "overdosed" on pain meds given by my doc in an American hospital right here in my home town and respiratory arrested! I was banded on 2/18 and felt the care I was given was better than what I had here in America! I too am having to justify to friends why mexico and I say "Would you want a doctor who does 2 heart bypasses a month to do yours or one that does 6 a day?" Well, they always say "6 a day" and I say "that is why I went to dr. ortiz!" He does 6 a day and has it down to a fine science that works! So we will all have to show "them" that TJ was the right choice! Keep your chin up!
  8. I was in Tj and banded on 2/18! great experience! I want to head to Tj for a fill too! Loved it there and in the OCC clinic! Great people! =D>
  9. I was banded by Dr. Ortiz on 2/18! I am home in Texas feeling great! I too went out the day I came out of the clinic and went shopping! Bought 2 pair of awesome handmade cowboy boots! I was feeling sassy! I feel great and did have a bit of gas pain but I walked and walked and walked and it seemed to help! Go girl, you will feel great! =D>
  10. I was banded on 2/18 and mine is still sore but not bad and just a bit bruised. My nurse friend said DO NOT SCRUB THE GLUE. LET IT COME OFF ON ITS OWN. So there! Good luck and keep in touch!
  11. You look fabulous! Loved the pictures and Congrats! I get banded on 2/18!
  12. yes please! I am kind of getting nervous but still excited. jilldurkee@sbcglobal.net is mine! thanks >
  13. I arrive from Texas on Feb. 17! Are ya'll going to still be there? Any chance you are from Central Texas and in a support group?
  14. Mindy are you really in Texas? I am heading to TJ on Feb. 17 and being banded on the 18th and am looking for a central tx. support group!
  15. Cassie was great and so were you! I was so glad about how the show went! I go in February 18 and I am a bit nervous but seeing Cassie, helped me! Go Cassie!
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