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  1. I did it! I'm one week post-op from tummy tuck with muscle repair and doing very well. I was about 12 pounds from goal (I'm at 152, goal = 140 lbs), haven't gained or lost much in the last week. I did not go to OCC for this, stuck closer to home. One thing I would warn folks is beware of what you read on the internet. I really had myself psyched that each phase of this would be harder and more painful than what I let myself believe because of what I read online. Maybe I just lucked out with a super great surgeon, but I feel great one week out. I'm still off work and have one drain that will go on Friday. Good luck to all that are going through the same process. So far, everything looks great and I am told when all is healed as it should it will look even better. All the best, Diana Update: Now 3 weeks post op, back to work one week already, and each day the results get better. Last drain was removed 2 wks ago and no pain meds since day 5 post op. This is truly the best decision I have made since my decision to get the lapband 5 years ago! Happy happy happy!!!
  2. Hey Angela-- Just a word, for what it's worth, on why the plastic surgeon may have been talking to you about the tummy tuck. I haven't had my tummy tuck yet, but have had a couple of consults locally. The surgeon (who I would like to work with) told me, while pulling my abdominal skin in an upward direction, that getting a properly done tummy tuck can help some folks with issues they have with the extra skin on the upper thighs. While he was pulling up, there was a difference noted in the look of the skin on my upper legs. I wonder if he is concerned about working with your thighs first, that if you eventually get your tummy tuck done it will affect the look of the skin on your legs because of the pulling effect. Or maybe, he wouldn't be able to give you as good of a tummy tuck because of the pulling. Just puttin' it out there. Whatever you decide, best of luck to you
  3. So excited for you, Momma4! Are you close to OCC, or will you be taking a flight to get there? That is a big fear of mine, traveling to far with the drain(s) etc. You have said it--you are in trusted hands at the OCC. Please post with all the details when you are able to. The best of everything to you.
  4. Hey Christi! Glad to hear that you are doing so well 3 weeks out. Please try not to be concerned about your down times. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery a few years back and battled some feelings of isolation during that time. (I didn't want to go out looking so scary--afraid I might spook young kids or little animals-haha). You will feel back to normal once you head back to work (and everyone begins complimenting you on your cute little body ) Hope your sweilling continues to go down. You have taken good care of yourself!
  5. I went to three (3) Fill Centers USA provider locations here in Florida and had good experiences with all of them. Fill Centers USA kept track of me and called me after all of my fills to make sure I was tolerating the new amount alright. I felt like I knew "Charlotte" personally. Very sorry to hear that in this economy they have had to call it quits. They helped provide a much needed service to patients like us that would not have gotten the lapband by Dr Ortiz had we not have had the support in the US for the adjustments.
  6. Hey Christi--so sorry to hear about your drain drama. What a pain in the neck!! You are exactly right, the system here is based on so much fear of litigation, it actually interferes with getting good and timely care. I'd better check with my hubby to see if he is up to potentially helping me with any of this. They had to give him oxygen in the delivery room after he cut the umbilical cord for one of our kids--haha. I viewed your pictures in the gallery. Really smooth and beautiful--congratulations. Could I ask you--how did you manage the drain "tail" on the airplane? Were you able to conceal it in your clothing? We took some pics today, so I think I'm ready to start the ball rolling. Like you have mentioned, nervous and excited at the prospect of getting this process started, just like with the lapband. Thank you again for all of your info.
  7. Are your drains only from your tummy tuck, or do you have them for your breast lift also?
  8. Thank you for posting on your successful PS journey. I am so interested in your posts--we were banded around the same time with the same amount of weight to lose. I have had two consults for tummy tuck locally, both of which the surgeon has told me that I would be the first lapband WLS patient. That does not thrill me, so I have seriously been considering going back to OCC for surery. So glad to hear that your stay in MX was days, not weeks. My local physician that works with my fills has agreed to help me with any drains or stitches, if need be. Thank you for posting on your progress. For all of us out here that are working through the decision process, it is so helpful. All the best to you. Diana
  9. Congratulations Lori!! I caught on another post that you were planning on doing this at the OCC, glad that all went well and you are already starting the healing process. Please post your pictures for us. So so happy for you. Here's to a speedy recovery and looking more beautiful than ever!! Congratulations again! : )
  10. Hi EricaG Here is a link to the "5-day pouch test". It is a very helpful way for your band to "get it's happy back" -- (sorry, just watched a repeat of Real Housewives of Atlanta--haha). Good luck to you--you can do it! http://www.5daypouchtest.com/plan/theplan.html
  11. WOW! Congratulations on your success. What a transformation. You could be a male model!! Welcome to the OCC forum
  12. OMGosh! You look like the cute baby sister of the other lady in your gallery wearing the red blouse. Congratulations on all of your success!!
  13. Thank goodness your fill center was on top of the situation. You are well on your way to your goal. You can do it, lady!! We're all here rootin' you on!!!
  14. Great response! So so funny! All good humor must contain some truth--you've really stated a mouthful!! (Pun intended--haha)
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