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  1. Thanks Robin for letting us know. Please relay my condolences to Kitty. Hanna:)
  2. Hey Michelle, how are you? I'm glad your move is done. I guess you've been away too fo awhile. I've been checking here and there on the forum but very limited. Did you see my grand baby on the gallery? I act like such a grandma, doting over her.

  3. Hey Francie! It's Hanna (WAgal), remember I was there getting a fill and a crown implant. I'm glad all went well. How's your friend doing? The one that got banded the same day as you? It was nice of the couple, Stephanie and Scott to help me get across the border by riding MexiCoach... it was a life saver. I got across the border at 3:15pm... we made it to LAX with 15 mins. to spare for our flight. Lining up would have taken an additional hour or so to the trip back as it was very long when we saw it from the bus ride. Keep us posted on your progress. The liquid stage is a drag but you also loose much of the initial weight at this period and it will be the reward for following Dr's orders... so to speak.. Hello to your sister.
  4. Hi all, I too have been having problems with hair loss. Don't like it a bit! I read stuff online and people (possibly me) that are iron deficient is a reason for hair loss. Anyone heard of this? I've started taking iron pills two days ago and it will take a few weeks/months for the results. Please continue to post your findings as I will try your remedy if this iron deficiency is not the reason for my hair loss. Oh and yes I've read many times that stress will do it to you.
  5. Jena, Thank you for sharing. I have been feeling very overwhelmed myself with the busy-ness of life this summer. I did some food stuffing myself and the band simply reminded me that I can't do that! I just felt overwhelmed one morning and then started to eat some leftover chicken dish. Three quick bites and that feeling came... I stopped and it came all out. Didn't eat anything anymore until 3 or so hours later and felt better about my mental behavior. I love my band! You are priceless! Hanna
  6. Paula!!!! It's me, Hanna! How are you? I know what you mean... I'm 45... going on 46 here soon and I tell you, I want to put on some skinny jeans and they just don't look right when you've got a flabby tire around your belly. I haven't specifically done the exercises just for stomachs but I will be. Okay the challenge for me is flabby skin!
  7. OMgoodness Michelle! You look fantastic! Your skinny jeans! I love how they look on you! Yes definitely a hot mama! I tried on jeans too but they don't look as good on me as I remember. I'm gonna have to do the tummy tuck I think.. but not until I'm done with all the weight loss. I'll be in TJ for a 3rd fill and my crown put in on Monday... I'm only down to 172 but I feel good, I have been just busy with visitors and family stuff. Thanks Michelle! I hope the move will not be so hectic! You keep up what you are doing... you're almost there to a size 6!!!! xoxoxo, Hanna
  8. Hey Bandgroupie! How are we doing on the planning of this... are we going to make it happen? Sorry I have been busy here at home... haven't been on the forum but a quick check here and there. Can you give us an update as to what we are leaning towards? WAgal (Hanna)
  9. WAgal


    Hi Amber! It's Hanna! I just saw your pics and wow you are doing so fantastic!! Keep it up... hey I've been busy.. my grandbaby has been born. How are you doing? I'm getting ready to go to LA then SD for a fill and dentist stuff. We'll hook up again as soon as things calm down a bit around my household. Babies, visitors, vacation! Blessings, Hanna
  10. WAgal

    Cozy and looking around!

    For those who know me and have been asking. Here is why I haven't been on the forum much. My grandbaby was born on the 17th of July. Charlene my daughter ended up with an emergency C-section.. she pushed for 3 hours! She says hello back to everyone and she thanks you for thinking about her. Hanna
  11. Oh my gosh! Excellent job!!! I hope I can look that good at 135 lbs.!!! I want to... thanks for the inspiration!!!
  12. WAgal

    Hanna's grand daughter!

    Baby Rhoslyn Emmy
  13. Hey Beautiful Michelle! Wow, I love the pictures! I love how you do this visual progress report. I wish I was as savvy and had the time to do all this too but I'm doing what I can do with the web cam for my personal record. You look so fantabulous. I'm going to meet with the NW and Canadian bandsters tomorrow at noon. We'll be taking pictures and you'll get to see my black and white dress too when I post. I'm gonna try to do what you are doing. Buy a dress that's smaller to reach that goal (I'll need a zippered back style though) and then see the progress happen. It must be so rewarding to feel that you can finally zip up that zipper! I love that! Keep inspiring me/us! I need a third fill. It's like most of the time I feel no restriction. Still feel good but need that "full" feeling. I can definitely eat more that 1/3 of what I'm originally used to before banding so I've got to get that feeling back. Overall I'm very happy that I haven't gained weight but can really get going on the weight loss. I'm getting jealous that you keep dropping the pounds!! He he he... I don't wanna be left behind! Zulma... oh yeah... she's got restriction. She called me and then we exchanged info. via email. She definitely has restriction but has been very busy and tired .... kinda like me with little ones. I'm busy with baby showers and my backyard overhaul and slowly redecorating/reclaiming my nook since the girls have turned it into a playroom. Hey Linda... how are you? Post some info about how you are doing. Oh and Zulma, if you are reading this... then post too how you have been doing. Okay I'm tired. I had a wonderful 4th of July cul de sac bbq ... great fireworks at my daughter's neighborhood (Charlene)... hope you all had fun and celebrated our great nation's 232nd Birthday! hugs, Hanna
  14. Jann, I'm praying for you and your parents as well! You're on the right track, have faith! Our Lord is in control. Love and blessings, Hanna
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