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  1. Zulma- You are the best!! Keep up the great work sweetie!!

  2. Hi there Hanna, Michelle, Linda and other bandsters... well my experience is somewhat similar to yours Michelle. I too as you know, got only the 1.6cc. I am still drinking my proteine shakes and coffee in the morning, a soup for lunch (may I say goes down with no problem) and THEN! come dinner time, I find that I can eat and the restriction is not as restricting as I thought it would be! Daaaaaaamn!... I had 3 crackers the other night and those didn't go down to well, I got that horrible pain, and the feeling that your gasping for air. But as far as other foods? as long as I chew, chew, chew, they go down fine. I of course am taking in smaller portions only cause thats the way it "should" be, but I can actually eat more if I let myself. Which I don't. So I too have too use more self control, instead of having my band do the all the work. So until I go see Dr. Romero I am on my own. So we'll see how it goes for me. One day at a time. As far as for eating after a fill... I think it should be done (next day, that is). I see it as testing the fill... cause if you don't how do you know if it actually worked. Mostly for those who have to travel so far. I say liquids for the rest of the day of your fill and then try to eat the next day. So Michelle let me know when your ready for the next trip. Lucky for us we are not that far. : ) Z.
  3. Oh I forgot to answer your first question. I had my surgery on a Thursday, only cause Friday was booked, I was back to work on Monday. Your able to walk as soon as your anesthesia wears off, your a little sore, but of course that is normal after a surgery. Of course you also have limitations as with any other surgery, no lifting, exercise or strenuous work. Don't be scared, the surgery is a the easy part. Znewme33
  4. What would you like to know... If you call the OCC and speak to Carolyn she will answer your every question. I did alot of research before I decided to Band myself. Once I found the OCC I was so excited I couldnt wait till the day of the surgery. I lost 6lbs before surgury and im at 9lbs after surgery. I was banded on Feb 28, 08. The treatment at the OCC is EXCELLENT, I have not one complaint. There were 8 of us who got banded together, we still keep in contact thru the forum and do a lot of story sharing. It helps when you are on your post op diet. Liquids only. We all just remember that we have invested a lot on our band and how we have to take care of it, and our bodies. If your considering doing it, I would encourage you too. I was feeling like you, I felt my weight was out of control. I had to act fast, cause our health is at stake. Yesterday was the first day I got to eat solid foods, it was nice. Didnt eat too much, yet it seems to be a lot after have been on liquids for such a long time. I will not lie, I had a bite here and there after the surgery, but I made sure I chewed and chewed before it went down. Its a new way of eating from this day forward. If I want to change my life, living and health I have to start by changing my bad habits...one day at a time. Hope this helped. Take care. Znewme33
  5. 4yrs! Way to go! Please tell us newbies, how its been? Do you have any before and after shots? do you have any great recipes that don't make you feel restricted from the great food out there!... Please keep us posted. Thanks and Happy Re-Birthday! Zulma
  6. Hi Girls, Its me again... I went into www.lapbandtalk.com and found this posting interesting. http://www.lapbandtalk.com/f73/how-lap-ban...-refills-45563/ If any of you find posting, that can answer questions we may have a newbies... please post. Thanks Zulma
  7. Hi all you bandsters! I hope all you guys are doing great! This is the week we get to eat... I hope it goes well for all of us. My weightloss has seem to have stopped. I am locked at the 13lbs since the 5th. Hummm! I also think my scale is not working. haha! (I doubt thats the case)... well I can't get discouraged... I will see how it goes by the end of this week. Sigh! Well for those for the fill on the morning of 18th, you can all jump in with me. I will be driving in and I can go to Lucerna Hotel to pick you all up. I have a mini van, so all you fit. Just let me know for sure, so I know how many of you I am picking up. Please email me ziracheta@verizon.net or call me (562) 712-9011 to let me know. Take care and Happy weight loss! Zulma
  8. Hi Kimmie, Don't be nervous... I got banded by Dr. Ortiz on Feb 28th, you've probably been talking to a few of us who got banded that same day (Hanna, McKenzie, Diana...). We are all alive and doing great!. I didnt' loose too much weight before getting banded (7 lbs), I thought they wouldn't do the surgery, but they did, and everything went so well, its all a blurr now. I was so relaxed and calm about the whole thing, that when I woke after the anesthesia wore off, I thought nothing had been done. They take care of you so well, the entire staff is at your every need and any questions you may have they will answer. I only live 2hrs away from Tijuana, so I've been there hundreds of times, but this time was so different. The hotel you will stay in is very nice, I forgot I was in TJ when I was there, I thought I was off at a resort. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I didn't post my whole experience, but if you have read Hanna's it was all the same for me too. I see you've been researching places you can do your fills, well I can't really tell you how good your options will be around where you live, but you never know, you may be one of the few that don't need the fills to begin with. Stay calm, you have nothing to worry about. Zulma
  9. HI Diana, Hope you and your daughter are doing well... are you tired of the liquids yet? I sure am... I need some crunch in my mouth! hehe!...So I finally weighed myself, I've lost a total of 13lbs, I think on my pre-op I only lost like 7lbs, so since the surgery its been another 6lbs. This will probably be the month we all loose great amounts of weight, cause as soon as our 20th day hits and we can eat solids once again, the weight is not going to be coming off as easy. So when is it that your coming for your 1st fill? I can probably meet you the day you come, let me know so I can call and make my appointment and maybe hang out with you two for a bit. I live 2hrs away so I won't be staying the night anywhere. Hope to hear from you soon. Zulma "if you can't drink it... don't eat it" Dr. Miranda
  10. Hi Gals Banded on 2/27 & 2/28... I thought I was the only one fighting head hunger... I remember Dr. Mirandas words "if you cant drink it, don't eat it!"... well that cookie that went in my mouth last night, sat in my mouth till it became mush and it went down fine. But I had just one. How terrible of me, but sweets are my downfall. I had a better day today... had some broth and later some drinkable yogurt, all these liquids are drowning me! I'm glad to hear all your stories and mental suggestions for keeping our minds free from food. I hope the stories continue, I know this will get easier and later we will be grateful. Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see how much ive lost since the preop, I hope it makes me happy. We want miracles overnight, it just doesn't work that way. Well I wish everyone "strength" on this band journey. I know I need it. p.s Broth anyone?
  11. Hi Hannah, I also got banded on the 28th, I was the latin girl next door to you! haha! Zulma, remember me? I'm glad your doing well. I too am still a little gassy, I guess its normal. I'm a lttle sore around the bigger cut, but overall I am doing better. Today was the first day I came into the forum, hopefully I get in touch with the others in our group so we can all give eachother support. I hope you feel better, and im glad to hear your glucose level is lower. By the way thanks for perfectly describing the experience, I too have only good things to say about the OCC and their staff... and yes Dr. Ortiz is mmm mmm handsome! LOL Take Care Zulma
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