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  1. Thank You for the response. Deb!
  2. Tanya, Can I ask you do you have a bump where the port is? Does it hurt? What did Dr.Martinez ask you to figure out that it was flipped? Thanks, Debbie
  3. Jenn

    LOL: Ok are you looking for a single man Deb...LOL

  4. Well I am 50 and I am looking forward to not being a fat Grandma. The best to all of us HOT Mama"s. LETS GO!
  5. I talk to you everyday and I sang you Happy Birthday...I Love You, Aunt Debbie
  6. I was also banded on 4/18 and I have lost only 3 lbs since surgery, and boy the burping just doesnt stop, and yes I feel swollen and bruised, it will be week 2 on Friday I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Looking forward to week 3!!!!! Yes I think we are in starvation mode. Debbie
  7. HI All, This may sound funny but when I went to the movies my sister bought popcorn I sucked on a piece then spit it out, I sucked on a piece of licorice and spit it out, then to top it off I licked on a french fry and then threw it out. As long as I get the taste for now...it gets me by.
  8. Congratulations! What is sliming? It doesnt sound good...
  9. It still looks like I have an alien baby bump, but the brusing is getting better. I have not been back to OCC since the surgery. I am still in San Diego at my sisters house until Thursday morning. I was just hoping to talk to the other person who had the hematoma like I do.
  10. How do I get the ticker factory on my profile? I have tried however I am not to savvy on the computer....Thanks DebD
  11. Jenn, Great job on the pictures. Love Debbie
  12. Hello..is anybody there?

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