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  1. I was just there last week and it was okay there in TJ. Yes there were more sierns than what we had heard the other times we were there but we seen nothing to alarm us. The clinic picked us up at the airport and took us to the OCC and we got our fill and then right to the hotel, then back to the clinic to get an unfill (was to tight) and they again picked us up and took us from the hotel to the clinic and then back again. Don't worry you will be fine!
  2. I just had my 3rd fill and Dr. So told me to go ahead and eat that day some soup and then the next morning to start back to eating normal. Hope you get some good results!
  3. Pammie what do you mean that it shut on you and did I understand right that you only have .9 in right now?
  4. Hello all! I am here now at the hotel Lucerna, we just love it here! I came for my 3rd fill ( i have had all my fills here at the OCC ) We have pretty much stayed in our rooms and only walked across the street to the drug store and the starbucks! There is alot of police out more than the other 3 times that we have been here. Alot of sierns all the time, not sure where they were going but you can hear them all the time. We were stopped when crossing the boarder into Mexico this time but not for long they let us go on thru. They were stopping just about everyone that came into Mexico. We leave in the morning and it will be early so we are hoping that the crossing is quick and easy.
  5. Thanks for all your help! This will be my fourth trip there and I love going and staying at the Lucerna it is just a wonderful place. We are going to just stick to the hotel and relax and enjoy ourself and I think all will be okay. Thanks again everyone!
  6. Ok anyone that has just went and gotten back from TJ? How was it there? Any concerns? I am going this Thursday and my family is about to freak out! The news and everything that is on is got them all worried, they are saying it is not safe to go to TJ and that the boarder towns are bad right now.... so please please anyone that has just gone and spent the night let me know how it went should i be worried about anything?
  7. I am going on March 12th for my 3rd fill at the OCC. My mother and I are staying at the Lucerna and leaving on the 15th.
  8. I am going to go to the clinic in March to have filll done and the news is saying that it is bad right now down there with people getting killed and the boarder being closed at times. Has anyone that has been there seen anything that should concern me?
  9. Nicole Hey I noticed that you had unfill how come?
  10. Julie let us know how you are doing and I wish I was there also! I just love the Lucerna!!!!!
  11. the little brown taco stand behind the hotel is great also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Don't give up! I know with my first fill I was pretty much the same I could eat just about whatever I wanted and only had restriction during the morning, but the 2nd fill has done a wonder for me. I have good restriction. So don't give up and it will come. Do check around and see where you might go local to get your fills. Also check on here and see about sharing rides to the OCC or taking the bus and trolley that will also save money. When I had my second fill, I shared the cost of the ride, and then a friend came and 1/2 the hotel cost so that is something to think about also on saving money.
  13. That is great! I am sure you will get there, keep up the good work!!
  14. Way to go it always makes you fill good to see the scales move!!!
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