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  1. I just got VSG and my BMI was only 33. When I got a Lapband 10 years ago, my BMI was 39. The Lapband stopped working for me, so I opted for the VSG so not to gain all my weight back. I had the VSG on February 24, 2014 my weight is 223 and my BMI is now 29.4
  2. OCMikey

    Me and my God Daughter

    Thank You RevyD, She is Gorgeous and looks like her Godfather/Uncle (Me)
  3. OCMikey

    Wake Boarding....

    That's Funny. I have skied before, this is a Wakeboard, like a wide, single ski... What the picture doesn't show is that I was falling and about to drink some river water before I let go....lol
  4. @RevyD Thank you so much, I am having a great time, I am more physically active in my 40's than I ever was in my 20's. Congrats on all your success as well... Mike
  5. LOL, Why Thank You....Not sure about the Male Model thing... Maybe a 46 year old lapband model... :-)
  6. new to the Forum, not new to the band.

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