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  1. Hi All, I know that the cost isn't too much of a difference between U.S. and OCC--I live in San Diego, so for me, it is not too much trouble going down there. I just feel like Dr. Castillo's demeanor wasn't very attentive...or something. I am glad that people are happy with their results, because I know that the person that did Nurse Martin's work doesn't work for the OCC anymore...I do know that I never had a problem with Dr. O (except maybe that I see him as a ghost doctor) and Dr. Martinez and Dr. So are fantastic!! And so were the nurses!!
  2. Hello, I am considering having some plastic surgery procedures done at The Ariel Center...starting with a thigh lift/liposuction. My question is: has anyone had any procedures with the CURRENT plastic surgeon at OCC? How was the experience and are you happy with the results? I ask because I don't know if there was a cultural/language barrier or what, but when I had a consultation, he was very fixated on a tummy tuck...that is an area that doesn't bother me. Has anyone had anything other than a tummy tuck with the CURRENT plastic surgeon?? Thank you very much for any information!
  3. I revised from band to sleeve in March 2011. I was alone for my revision and I was glad because nobody bothered me for the whole 5 days! You kinda feel like shit anyway, so there isn't much to get bored about...I think the Lucerna had about 5 English stations on the t.v. I walked around the pool, rested, ate some popsicles, tried to drink water, and watched the tube. The van picks you up every day to get the drain checked and brings you back to the hotel. The Lucerna has really nice bedding, too. Anxiety is normal--I cried hysterically on the OR table 'cause of nerves. Dr. Ortiz and his staff know what they are doing!! You will be fine and the sleeve is soooo much better than the band!!!
  4. Just wanted to add--For me, the sleeve is awesome and I am very happy with it!
  5. Hi, I had a revision from band to sleeve in March 2011. I only lost 47 pounds with the band and never got below 202 working out 4 days a week and following a diet. My band was too tight at one point and after that, I could never find "the sweet spot"...either too tight or too loose. Right now, I am down to 188, the lowest I have been since I was 14. (I'm 31 now.) I am a "slow loser" as I have some metabolic issues, but it's coming off slowly and I'm down to the last 18 pounds. 1-Does the Sleeve really keep your appetite in check? (Supposidly removes some of the Gherin hormones produced by the stomach)? Yes! I had no physical hunger for the first 6 months, now, it has come back a bit but it is soooo much more manageable now. 2-Does the restriction stay consistent throughout the day? (With the band I always had restriction in the morning, and by dinner could eat/overeat all I wanted). I still sometimes struggle with head hunger, but I would say the restriction is more consistent, definitely the first couple months you can only eat about 1-2 ounces at a time while your sleeve heals. Now I eat about 4 ounces. Dense protein, I can eat about 2-3 ounces. 3-Does the sleeve stretch out--allowing you to eat just as much in a few months after the surgery? I never stretched out my stomach with the band, but that didn't stop me from staying overweight! It "stretches" in the sense that after the swelling and such heal after the first 2-3 months you can eat a bit more, but not a huge amount. The sleeve doesn't stretch like a pouch can because most of the fundus, or stretchy part of the stomach is cut out so there is not much to stretch. 4-Does the Sleeve make you "BP" or Slime? I have only PB'ed twice and it's different than with the band as food doesn't get stuck but if you overeat, you will definitely feel nauseous. 5-Does the sleeve have problems with certain types of foods? With the band, the stuff I was SUPPOSED to eat (veggies, salad, meat) were hard to get down/got stuck after only a few bites--leaving me hungry and frustrated, whereas mushy stuff just slid on through!!! I have had no problems with any food except sometimes too much sugar will make me feel sick. It was sooo nice to eat veggies and salad and meat again as I couldn't eat it with the band for the last two years I had it.
  6. Hi Linda! I finally got to 199 this morning! Lowest I ever got with the band was 202. I'm losing super slowly, but at least I'm losing. 29 more pounds to go!
  7. If you want a reply quickly and they have SOOOOO much helpful info. there--have you tried the obesity help forum? They have a VSG maintenance board that has a lot of veterans on it. I'm only three months out with the sleeve so I can't help you too much. I used to come to this forum a lot when I had the band, but there aren't too many VSG'ers here. www.obesityhelp.com Good Luck!
  8. I had a revision from the band to VSG done in one surgery, so it is possible. I chose the VSG because I did want something permanent and there just wasn't enough research done on the plication for me. VSG has been around a long time. Good Luck in whatever you choose!
  9. I would definitely go with the VSG then, generally you will know if you have a leak within the first 5 days--that is the number one complication with the sleeve. The OCC keeps your drain in for those five days specifically for that purpose. Dr. Ortiz has never had a leak with his sleeves because of the drain and the way they do the double stitching. Other than taking your vitamin, calcium, iron, and B-12, you shouldn't really need much follow up care. Just follow the post surgery diet and make sure you get in your protein, I still can't get all mine in from food alone, I still drink a protein drink every day--I, too like the Premier Protein from Costco. It has 30 grams in it. Also, the first month sucks, but it does get better! It was hard to drink for a couple weeks after surgery and your taste buds change for a few weeks, too. It's really weird, plain water tasted bad to me...but that's what crystal light is for, I guess. LOL. Now, I'm good. Good Luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.
  10. Hi, I am almost three months out with VSG--I had both my band and revision to VSG done by Dr. Ortiz. The care is excellent at the OCC, though word of warning: you will only see Dr. Ortiz for a split second before your surgery and then probably never again. Dr. So does most of the aftercare and he is awesome and patient and will answer all of your questions/concerns. The nursing staff is great, too. Dr. Ortiz/Martinez have never had a leak with any VSGs done so far and they use a 32f bougie size which is good 'cause it's the smallest one and you will probably have the most restriction from it. I am a slow loser and definitely not the poster child for VSG--most people who are "virgins" to weight loss surgery lose A LOT of weight quickly, most getting to goal in less than a year.I also have thyroid issues, but overall, I am pretty happy. In 10 weeks, I have lost 24 lbs.--and just started working out, so hopefully that will help the loss. I also had a stall/plateau that lasted over three weeks. My restriction is pretty good, though I have a really long torso and I am tall, so I suspect that my sleeve can hold more than the average one. Overall, I highly recommend the OCC and I would definitely go with VSG over plication--I didn't go with plication because there just wasn't enough research on it, but let me tell you that everyone that had surgery the day I did had the plication surgery. So, it's definitely popular.The Bypass surgery just wasn't for me either because of the malabsorbtion issues. Good luck with your decision and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  11. Hi, I had the same problems as you, had my band for almost three years and three months ago I revised to the VSG--gastric sleeve. I am 10 lbs. away from the lowest weight I ever got with the lapband which wasn't even under 200. The sleeve is soooooo much better! I love it.
  12. 2.5 months out and my weight loss has Slowed...I was a slow loser with the band and it looks like it's going to be the same with the sleeve. On the bright side, I'm 13 pounds away from one-derland and 10 pounds away from the lowest I got with the band.

    1. AngelaAnn


      Plastic surgery is definitely in my future, especially the "batwing" arms.

    2. thekimmyjo


      I'm experiencing the same thing... Slower weight loss. It's making me very impatient!!!

      Hurry up already :]]

  13. I don't know how many the OCC has done...I went with the VSG sleeve revision from lapband, but I do know that the 5 days I was down there at the end of March no one had a lapband and I was the only one getting the sleeve...everyone else was getting the plication procedure done! There must have been at least 20 peeps (maybe more) over the five days getting it.
  14. Hi, I went with the sleeve because I already had the lapband and the sleeve has been a long performed WLS. I think that if I hadn't already had the band, I may have gone with the plication. I am only 12 days out on the revision, but Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez removed my band and did the sleeve all in one surgery. The recovery has been tough, but I'm starting to feel better now. Going back to the OCC next week for a post-op visit. If you have any specific questions, you can message me and I will try to answer them, but I am new to the sleeve.
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