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  1. At what point do you speak with Dr. Miranda. I have been contacted by Carolyn and sent a few emails. What comes next
  2. I have read that the Pre op diet is different for people according to their BMI- Can someone elaborate on that. Mine is 33 I am 5'6, 210-215 lbs depending on the day! What kind of diet can I expect
  3. I am new as well and have the same concern about the PB. With 2 active children and husband we eat on the run and this has added to my weight gain. So PB in public will be a concern. About the drinking - I get the eating small bites, chewing a lot, but when do you drink. Can you at the end of a meal or not at all with food. Do you eat and drink at separate times of the day? I read the posts about no soda what about Tea? I drink about a gallon of sweet tea a day. Decaf but with sugar, sometimes splenda
  4. It is so interesting how everyone is so different. In a nutshell what I have learned is that the fill level is very important to weight loss. Too much and it causes the PB ing(is this correct) and maybe pain but at a good restricted level then you feel full and eat very small portions at a time. Although liquids go down easier, it is not like before the band where you can eat a carton of ice cream or yogurt. If you can you need more restriction??? How long beofre fills if you are not losing weight? What about the pre op diet, it seems like most lose a lot of weight during this period? How long is it? What does it consist of? I think my husband is on board with Dr. Ortiz, but since we have been to TJ before he just can not believe that there could be a upscale medical facility there! I am still trying to convince him How long do most have to wait before they can have surgery? Thank you for all your help Also has anyone ever heard or been to Dr. Jeff Allen in Louisville, KY
  5. I was reading through some posts trying to learn more about the lap band and saw that some can still binge eat. With the band is that like it is with out - I am nervous that the band wont make a difference for me. I will spend all my money and still be eating out of boredom and stress. I dont even know what hunger is because I eat all the time! With the band is it still possible to just eat all the time? What is life like after? The videos of Dr. Ortiz says I should eat 1/3 of normal days intake. If you are restricted correctly does this allow for binge eating. What about exercise and healty eating. Do you just eat less and lose weight or do you still eat like a rabbit? Any insight is helpfull. I am trying to convince my husband this will work for me. I want to bring "sexy back"
  6. Thank all of you for your encouragement. It is great to be able to get on this forum and see and hear about actual results. When we were in the process of adopting our daughter from China the forum was a God send to me. I am in Kentucky. I called a Dr. Jeff Allen's office today. He is in Louisville and the receptionist said that he did fills and had done some for DR's in Mexico. I don't know the cost but they said I would have to have testing before he would take me. Does anyone know what this could be? Yes, my husband is wonderful. I have been blessed that he sees me as I was 70 pounds and 10 years ago. But he is also a little overly concerned, afraid of Tijuana and that something awful will happen. I wish I could do this on my own, I don't think I try all that hard sometimes. I do for a while and then go back to my old ways. I eat out of boredom and mostly at night after the kids go to sleep. Are you satisfied with food? Feel full on what you do eat?
  7. I am new to all of this. I have researched for only a month and feel that Dr. Ortiz is the Dr. to do the Lap Band surgery. My family is not at all impressed with my decision of having the surgery or that it is in Mexico. I have been to Tijuana for a day and felt that after 1 visit I would probably never go back and here I am thinking of having surgery there. Did anyone else have trouble convincing family that you are making the right decision? My husband just tells me that if I excercise and eat better I can save myself a lot of time, pain and money. If it were that easy I would not weigh 210 pounds at 5'6 . But he thinks I look great. Sure he says I have put on a few but aren't we happy with 2 kids and a busy social life. I look in the mirror and do not know who the person is looking back at me. Is the lap band worth the money? Is it going to work for me? Will I have complications? Will dieting one more time work and I wont hve to do such a drastic thing? these are the questions keeping me up at night. The other thing is about the Fills... I know with 2 kids and a job I won't be able to take off to Mexico very often, will there be a problem finding a Dr to do my fills close to me. I will have to pay out of pocket. Of course I do not have this saved so I planning on charging it. Has anyone else done this? Any regrets? I could just keep rambling from nervous energy. Does any one have any answers or suggestion? Is there something I am forgetting to ask Thank you in advance for any insight and encouragement
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