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  1. determination


    I am headed down the 22nd of August and having my port relocated and getting a fill on Aug. 23rd,. Hope to meet someone while down there. I am so excited to be "back on the road again".
  2. determination


    Hi Dwayne, To make a long story short, please be careful about the milkshakes. I started drinking them when I was sick. It was the beginning of gaining back weight. They go down too easy and no matter what the restriction they will still go down, even if slowly. You are probably in about the toughest part of the program. Becoming mentally strong. I guess as I read this I am really speaking to myself. I have a total unfill. August 23rd, I will be getting back on the road to restriction. I am headed back to OCC and getting a few things taken care of. Onward Ho! I wish you the best and may we both stay strong.
  3. determination

    Drains out

    How exciting for you!!! Wow! Were you able to have all of that done at the same time? Can't wait. I definitely plan to have something done when I am there. Way to go.
  4. determination


    This is so common with the first fill. Some of us relate with you, when we finally make the decision to have this surgery it is hard to wait for everything to be working. The whole journey is about patience in the beginning and then wise choices. The food addiction is hard to overcome for many, including myself. But the rewards are so worth it.
  5. determination


    I have had a lot of discomfort over the last 18mos. I just never thought about moving it until now. Totally my decision.
  6. why do you have to have the port relcated? mine pokes out but when i wear tight pants that hit right under it it hurts.

  7. determination

    Returning to Work

    Being a nurse, I imagine that you do an amount of lifting during the day. I remember being told that we were not suppose to lift over a certain amount for a certain amount of time. The OCC is available at all times to answer these kind of questions. Email your patient co-ordinator and she will direct your questions. I have to lift heavy record books at my job in the County Courthouse. I know that I did not lift any of those for awhile. The books weigh between 30 and 40lbs. I would recommend that you ask OCC.
  8. Great Post. I definitely needed the mental reminders that you posted. Healthy thinking and healthy eating.
  9. Good luck Trisha! Everything will go by so fast, that before you know it you will wake up and it is all over. Then your journey will begin. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  10. determination


    I am headed down July 8th, for a port relocation and a fill.
  11. determination

    Tomato Pie

    Hi Revy, Do you count calories or have you just been going by the restriction when eating? After a 7mos. hiatus (because of illness) I have just restarted and am getting my port repositioned and a fill. I am trying to decide which route to take. I also had a problem with losing hair the first 5 mos .I am not sure what I was doing wrong. I have since had no problem and the hair has grown back. I hope you can reply, I will check this out in the morning. Thanks again for all of your help. What a great inspiration you are!
  12. I am having my port repositioned July 8th. I didn't realize that the discomfort wasn't normal. Can't wait.

  13. determination

    Tomato Pie

    After reading all of raving reviews about this pie, I am wondering what you think would be the calorie count for 1/8th of this pie? I seem to be counting calories, do any of you?
  14. Wow! You are looking great.