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  1. spiegel is a nice gentleman.. his staff was friendly...he is located in the gallaria area, off of w. alabama...the doctor himself did the fills..not a receptionist like what his practice was doing 5 years ago...all in all, not too bad, the fill is tough sometimes i think thta i haveno restriction then before you know it, i am in a lot of pain and throw up....i to go through alearning curve. lol...it aint easy.....,
  2. Hi, Have never posted on here... I was banded by Dr. Ortiz in December (he did a great job)... I should note that I am a prior gastric bypass patient as well... Anyhow, going to TJ was tough at this time so I called Dr. Spiegel in Houston... He charged me $200 for consultation and then $150 for the fill using fluro.. He told me that Dr. Ortiz was an excellent surgeon and did a real good job with my band, especially since I was lap band over bypass which is a difficult operation. I think for $350 it was a good deal and have an MD here take me in. SO I wanted to share... I hope everyone else is successful with their lapband journey to longer health.. Chris