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  1. Lea - Are you working out? If so, how long and hard are you going? On the average it takes roughly 2200 calories a day to live!!!! Soooooooo, if you can cut this by roughly 500 calories a day for one week, you will lose about 1-2 pounds a week. I may be off on my numbers a bit, but I lost a lot of weight staying around 1700-1900, but I was working out pretty hard. Socal Kid http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  2. Man, what a great day today! Five mile walk/run and feeling great - Now dinner of fish, veggies, some wine and many-many sugar-free popsicles. If you are in a funk, it's OK. Do that funk right by lying around, eat crappy food, watch a ton of TV, grab a big bowl of ice cream then sleep really-really well. THEN…… Wake up tomorrow and turn it around! Have some coffee, a SMALL, high protein meal and read the paper. Pay particular attention to all the negative news in the world and begin to appreciate your situation, your abilities and how good you really have it. Then get out there and walk for 30 min. No big deal my friend, it’s simply 15 min out and 15 min back. EVEN if you don’t want to do it (like me most of the time), make it happen. Saturday will be a good day SoCal Kid http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  3. After almost two years of living the "banded" life, the only certain fact is that NOTHING is certain! It’s almost as if my band has a mind of its own and what I couldn't eat for lunch slides right through for dinner. What felt right for breakfast causes pain for lunch. I do know this though; over the past 2 years, I have lost a good amount of weight and am much healthier than before. And so it goes - Be patient and don't take it to seriously... Great father's day - I ate & drank all I wanted, when I wanted it. I reward myself with a couple of FREE days a week. Time to knuckle back down for a strong next 3-5 days. WILL exercise today! Socal Kid http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  4. For lunch, try this - 1/2 cup refried beans, 1/2 cup garbanzo beans, big chunk of chicken, - If you fight the sweet-tooth like I do, chase all this down with a small piece of dark chocolate. If that's not enough, have another piece. If that's not enough, to bad - make it enough. Get a 30 min walk/run - Feel full and energetic Socal Kid (Feeling good finally) http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  5. Yep - I think so...

  6. So, I am now one of your followers on Twitter.

  7. ...And you have done the same for me Amber!.....
  8. OK, go 60-80 grams of protien today, limit the fat and eat mostly clean carbs (salads, outmeal), almost as much as you want. Get out and walk/run today for 30 min. It's gonna be a good day, I can feel it... SoCal Kid http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  9. Pick your poison - Eat 1 pint of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream at 1400 calories (roughly) OR Eat 94 sugar free Popsicles (four 24 pack boxes) at 1410 Calories (roughly) WOW...... SoCal Kid
  10. I'm collecting some interesting data so please feel free to participate. For those of you who have been “banded” for the past 3 months or more… QUESTIONS: 1. Do you feel your doctor or advisor told you everything they knew about the pros and cons of your Lap-Band experience? 2. Would you do it again? 3. Did you pay out of your pocket or did insurance cover? Socal Kid – Twitter - http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  11. Amanda - You will throw up and it's OK. But it's not like having the stomach flu type of heaving. It feels more like a “release” where the food you ate simply moves back up and out. I have an occasional "heave" but not many at all. Then you will figure out why, you will see a trend, a behavior and you will begin mitigating these behaviors. You will be OK... SoCal Kid - Twitter page - http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy
  12. Folks - I have some opinions that I will begin expressing on my Twitter Page. Might not help, could be beneficial for others but they are true-blue from a normal guy who has been there. Feel free to read. No advertising, no selling, just my humble opinions regarding my experience. Hope it helps... Click on the following http://explore.twitter.com/Tkennedy SoCal Kid
  13. Bean - I am not a runner either. I got into it becuase I needed something that was quick and I could do anytime. And so I began to walk...and then I was power walking....then I was lightly jogging. This was about 4 years ago. I have now completed 8 marathons if you can handle that! I really can't believe it. I'm still not a runner and I love it. Be careful, you might get hooked. I hope you do. SoCal Kid
  14. Angela - Identical story for me. Let your body heal, and eat some food if you can. Let's face it, as long as your band allows you to chow down, then you will. That's how we got here in the first place right? You will not become successful until you eat less. This will not happen until your doctor cranks that thing down. After this, when you eat, you will get full quickly and if you push it, you will throw it all up. It's pretty simple. After some of this action, you will learn to not eat as much, and your body will natrually go into ketosis. At this point, you will no longer fight hunger and you will lose weight. But be patient and let it all happen... SoCal Kid
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