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  1. I've lost a total of 75lbs!!

  2. slimbutrfly


    Im so happy for you!!
  3. Well to be honest my first fill did nothing. I have zero restriction and can eat anything in any quantity. I have my second fill on March 10th. I am going to tell him to fill it up. lol

  4. ive lost like 10 lbs and it sucks.. i got my first fill this past weekend and it's like "huh? really?" im going to the gym today after work, i need to work harder. this sucks.

  5. hey! dont worry...I am under 34 now...I've lost about 32 now...I keep fluctuating...really needing that fill too...I cant lose anymore right now!!!! :( thanks for the message...how has everything been for you??

  6. Hey how have u been? I hvent been doing that great, i really need to get my 1st fill already Ive been low on funds so it set me back. How does your first fill feel?

  7. Hey hun, just saying hi. Im so happy for you. I havent been doing that good. I need to hurry and get my fill already

  8. I relly need a fill ASAP. I just hvent had the hopefully I can go the first week of March. How are you doing?

  9. Hey, girl...Im not doing that great.I dont feel like I have the lap band.

  10. hey how are u doing? i see we're in the same stage... "can't wait for my first fill!!" lol i hear ya... i gained like 5 lbs after i started eating and then lost those 5... but now im not losing anything! do u feel like u'r eating too much.. i do!

  11. How have you been? I am in the lowly depths of bandster hell and can not wait until my first fill.

  12. Both went very well! :) I am doing great. The surgery was real simple and I had no pain except for some soreness. Now, no pain at all. Tomorrow is weigh in day for my dad and I! He has lost 26 pounds and I've lost 24. So we'll see how we've been doing!! I'm from Clarksville... it is in between Fort Smith and Little Rock!

  13. Im so happpy for you! How did your dads surgery go?...Ive gained 4 lbs back :(..But I think Ill get back on track once I get my first fill.(what part of Arkansas are yo from)?

  14. Hi, No I used to live in Palmdale when I was younger. I then moved to the valley. My boyfriend still has family out there, so Im in palmdale almost every weekend...

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