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  1. My band was not removed for anything wrong (slippage, erosin, etc.) It was just too tight, I literally could not get water down it by the end. I lost my hair (from malnutrition) and was getting IV's just to get out of bed, constant throwing up of the dreaded "coffee grounds" of stomach acid, trips to the emergery room, etc. Dr. Ortiz had no option but to remove it. But after 8 months of starvation and malnutrition my body responded to solid foods with a vengence and the weight came back on almost immediately. Emotionally I am at my bottom, I failed at dieting, I failed at the lapband, I gained the weight back, My family and friends don't understand, I am a failure. Now I am out the money for the two surgeries, the time lost at work (lots of sick time), my self esteem and am right back where I started - FAT!
  2. I am looking for other Dr. Ortiz patients who have had to have their lapbands removed. I had to have my removed after 10 months and am wondering about rebanding. Has anyone else had this experience? I am depressed that I have gained all my weight back and had such an awlful experience with the band, but am desperate now, any others out there?
  3. Hello Samia - I live in Glendale (Arrowhead Ranch area). I was banded by Dr. Ortiz on 11/2/06, so I am two months along. My goal weight loss is under 100 pounds also (my wish is 80). It was the best thing I have ever done - I am HALF way to my goal already!!!! I have lost 45 pounds in two months. The hospital in TJ was actually cleaner than some I have seen here in AZ. The nurses certainly seem to care about their patients more. I even went alone (my husband and friends couldn't make it on short notice) and I never felt unsafe at all. I just had my first fill done on 12/18/06. You can contact me anytime if you have any questions. The AZ group here on the forums is the best! Sabledog
  4. Hi Kym - my surgery is scheduled for Nov. 2nd also and I am coming alone from AZ, would love to meet you, I am scared of being alone, so would appreciate any support.
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