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  1. I jut wanted to take the opportunity to thank Gloria and DR So. I came back for my third fill on April 20. Who would not guess that the night before I left we would get "5 of snow in Madison. My plane was late getting into Dallas and I missed my connection to San Diego. After dealing with the ever so CHARMING gate agent at American. Then not being able to access the internet and make other arraignments with OCC. I found out you have to pay for WiFi at Dallas. I finally got through to Gloria and told her I was still coming ,but I was going to be late. I then tried to change my ticket to a later flight only to be told I would have to pay $900. I called Gloria back and told her I would not get in til 5:30pm and leaving at 6:30am the following morning. She told me that was fine the van would be waiting for me and Dr So would do my fill. I got there about 6:30pm and got my fill and then went to the Lucerna which BTW I think is the best of the three as I have stayed at all of them. The van picked me up at 4:00am and I was in the San Diego airport through security by 5:05am. So what was the trip from hell became better because of the kindness and professionalism of Gloria, Dr. So and the Occ staff who went out of there way to stay late and accommodate me. It's been a long time since I have seen customer service like this. So to anyone who is thinking of going to OCC and is a little leery and reads this. You will never get the care in the states that you will receive here. Again Thank You Gloria and Dr. So. Dr. Ortiz if you read this you should be proud of the wonderful staff you have there as I am proud to be a patient with you and OCC. Sincerely Kevin Procter (banded April 15 2010)
  2. What's on your mind? We still all need to remember that just because you can eat it doesn't mean you should

  3. Momof4, I have had two fills at OCC and currently have 5ccs. I usually only feel restriction in the morning. I will continue to go to OCC for my fills as it is cheaper and I feel better letting them do it. Sounds like you found a reasonable Dr. who is taking a conservative route. TC RCR
  4. Dwayne, Try to eat some thing that makes you chew a lot. I grab 6-10 almonds and I am shocked that if I do something I soon am not hungry. A spoonful of peanut butter also works well. Good Luck TC RCR
  5. You need to go over this woman's head. She obviously does not know about HIPPA. She can get herself and your company in serious trouble. It's a shame that we are ostracized for being overweight then ostracized for doing something about it. I hope everything works out. TC RCR
  6. Awesome job! You are an inspiration to us all.
  7. Hi all, just a quick note to share with you. I have now lost 75lbs. 55lbs to go and 25lbs to hit Dr Miranda's weight she set on my surgery date. I can't shout any louder he neighbors will call the cops. On second thought call em WOO HOO!!!!!! TC all RCR
  8. Go to the Fills and flll trips in topics. Last time I checked the prices are what I paid. I get the transportation, hotel and fill. Hope this helps. TC RCR
  9. Does anyone know Dr Miranda's e-mail address ? TC RCR
  10. Hi All, Yesterday I had my 2nd session with my trainer. She wants me to have a 500 to 800 calorie breakfast everyday. She wants my body to go after that energy source first. We talked about some options. We agreed that I know more about being a lap-band patient and she knows more about getting in shape. I explained that with the band I am tight early in the day and its hard to do a traditional breakfast. What I came up with was 24oz glass of blended Muscle Milk,2eggs in a shake and eat two bananas on the way to the gym. I was wondering what you thought about this and maybe a good source for me to give her about Lap-Band and exercise. I agreed not to go back to lifting for four weeks while we work on stabilizing my core muscles. I will still walk alot going from 3 times a week to 5 and continuing going 3-5 miles. I also have to figure out how to tighten the belt on my treadmill as it slips when you jog on it. I am also going to start doing Barry's Bootcamp workout again. Any feedback sggestions or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanx and TC all. RCR
  11. Hi All, Yesterday I had my 1st consult with my trainer(Serena). I gave her the form she gave me to fill out about myself while I walked on a treadmill. I told her I have a really nice treadmill at home that I walk on regularly. She said she wanted to read my form (3 pgs) so if I would walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes then she could evaluate my fitness level. I told her I walked 3 miles that morning at home. I started walking for a couple of minutes and I had not filled out the last page of questions. So she came back and asked me them while I walked. When she came back I had been going about 10 minutes and she asked me to run a bit . I told her I only run when I'm chased and at my job if its chasing me I shoot it. So she put the treadmill on 0 incline and 3.5 mph and said this is what she normally starts people at to run and I can walk that fast. I kind of jogged for 1 to 2 minutes at a time. I don't think she believed me when I told her I could walk for 1 1/2 hours. After I walked / jogged 42 minutes she had me do some core stuff. I got in a pushup position and held it. Then each oblique and held it then did pushups to fail. So I am suppose to do that 2 times before my next session on Sat. I am also going to start lifting again after work. The gym I joined is open 24hrs you just use your pass to unlock the door. What's cool is no one is there so you can set everything up the way you want it. She also told me I needed to up my calorie intake a bit. This kind of worried me as it goes against what I am currently doing. She wants me to try to eat my fat and carbs early in the day and protein at night. So I thought I would put this on here to see what you all think as I have seen many posts about working out with a trainer. TC ALL RCR
  12. Call your cell phone provider. Most have a temporary plan for international calling. TC RCR
  13. It nice and its in a good area. Take a cab to Revolucion Ave. Its about six bucks and nothing is the price they first tell you. Good Luck TC RCR.
  14. Hi all, i'm sitting in the San Diego airport waiting to go home. I got a 2.4cc fill yesterday and feel pretty good. Angie I ran into a gal from Omaha having her second fill. Today going home I rode back with 2 gals I met the last time I was here for my first fill and they had just had surgery and were getting their first fill. As usual the experience was quick and easy. I stayed at the Camino Real which I really liked as it's very close to OCC and right next to the mall. I got cleared to start lifting again (Yeah). I hope all is well and I will post my to gains or setbacks. TC All RCR
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