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  1. crazymomma

    Help Please

    I need to get an unfill. My last fill (done at OCC) was too much. I've called the emergency rooms to see if the docs there do an unfill but they said no. I've contacted bariatric surgeons here and they won't take me on. My family doc can't do it! I live in the New Orleans/ Baton Rouge area. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  2. Does anyone know of any fill centers near here that use fluoro?
  3. crazymomma

    fill centers in Las Vegas

    The fills y'all Have received, what were the results.
  4. crazymomma

    Do I need another fill?

    3rd fill sorry
  5. Hey guys... So I had my #rd fill on Dec 13. I had 8cc and left with 8.5 because I had to have .5 taken out the next day. When I left, I really felt like a bandster. I lost 14 lbs but I havent lost any weight for about 6-7 weeks. I feel like I am hungrier now and can eat more than I was after my fill. I am exercising 3x a week and I've lost inches from that. I have lost 62lbs total but still have 30 more to go and since I have been stuck at this weight for almost 2 months, what do I need to do? I have sent several emails to the clinic but haven't gotten a response...Frustrated, please advise... Thanks
  6. Down 56 lbs, 40 more to go!!!

  7. I had my third fill at OCC and had 8.0cc before this fill. I was given 9.0 but felt too tight so I went back and he took out .5 so now I have 8.5cc. I felt like I had a good fill then but now I seem to be able to eat more. Granted, I'm not eating a bunch for for my third fill it seems to be more than it should???? I'm just wondering if I need another fill or whats up?? Dr. So said you should be able to eat 1/3 of the size of your palm and there are definitely days I eat more.... Any input will be appreciated!
  8. crazymomma

    Need help deciding

    Plication is only reversible for the few days. After that, it is not reversible. I was at OCC just last week and they had the new signs up about plication and one of the things it advertises is that it can be reversed. Upon further questioning, it is not. Don;t know if that plays a factor in your decision or not. I had the lap band in May 2010 at OCC. I probably would have went with plication just to avoid the fills. Good luck with your journey!!
  9. crazymomma

    Post Pics

    How do I post pics? Everytime I go to upload, it says the image is too large???? Not computer literate
  10. FINALLLY down 50 lbs- half way there

    1. damalove


      hey you, congrats!!!

    2. crazymomma


      Thanks for all your support

  11. crazymomma

    3rd Fill

    Going for my 3rd fill Dec 13 -14. Anyone else gonna be there??
  12. crazymomma

    Time between fills

    Yes I'm doing all the above....just not happy the scale hasn't moved in several weeks... Just stays the same......
  13. I think it's usually about 6-8 weeks
  14. I've had my second fill about 10 weeks ago. I was wondering for the ones that have had more fills, how long after your second fill that it was time for the third? I haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped after my second fill and don't know if it's time for another one?? I was hoping to be able to go longer but now I'm thinking it's time...
  15. You can buy extra meds from the pharmacies for the plane ride home. I would do that before staying longer plus it's cheaper