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  1. Hi All! I’d like to share both of my positive experiences with the OCC. I was banded in 2007 and was really impressed with the clinic and the aftercare. I lost most of my weight, coming within 20 pounds of my goal. My pre diabetes and high cholesterol is gone. I also don’t have to take arthritis medication for pain in my hips anymore! However, due to a thyroid issue a couple of years ago, I gained some of the weight back. Then early last summer, I started to have some problems with my band. I decided to have a revision and go with the sleeve. After such a good experience the first time, of course I chose to go back to the OCC. The care was just as great as the first time. My band was a good tool and I really liked it but I absolutely LOVE my sleeve! I’ve lost all the weight I regained plus some and am only 12 pounds from my goal. I’m smaller than I’ve been for almost 35 years and am looking into plastic surgery now. A big thank you to the entire OCC team for being so helpful and supportive!
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