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  1. Hope everyone is doing good! I miss the days when the OCC Forum was active!! Let's get the discussions going again!!

    1. EcMjawad1


      I'm with you this is like the best support system would could have...at goal or not.

  2. I had the lap band procedure by Dr. Ortiz in September 2010 and have lost 75 lbs. It has been a lot of work and I love my lap band! The OCC is the most amazing place and I returned for my three fills. My entire experience has been positive. I can no longer eat dry food like breads or chicken breast, but I don't miss them since I am so happy with my weight loss. I understand that sodas are difficult to swallow, but I haven't tried and never drank them prior to my surgery. Send me an email if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer! Mark
  3. Thanks for the recommendations!! I went to El Potrero and had a great, small meal!!! My favorite food in TJ was La Casa de Mole!!
  4. I am staying at the Tijuana Marriott next week when I go to the OCC for a fill. I will be staying an extra day in town and am looking for something to do aside from visiting Wal-Mart (LOL). Are there any interesting places to visit or any good eateries near the hotel? Thanks for any suggestions! Mark
  5. omg!! who are you!!? lol YOU LOOK GREAT!

  6. Happy Bandiversary!!!!! You have done an amazing job with your weight loss!!! Keep up the great work!!! Mark
  7. LOL!!! I am the same way!!! Mild salsa used to be almost too spicy for me and since my banding, I am eating Medium or higher!! Wow!! My friends can't believe that I started eating the spicier salsas and flavors. I thought it was just me. I wonder how many more of us out there are doing the same thing. Too funny! Mark
  8. Thanks so much!!! You have done amazing as well!!! You are almost to goal!!! Congrats!!!
  9. My quality of life is something I never imagined. I have lost almost 70 lbs since my banding and I have a new outlook on life. I don't have to worry any more about weight restrictions. I can sit in the front seat on a roller coaster and I can speed down a zip line! Two things that I was never able to do before my banding. I also enjoy exercise for the first time in my life, which is something I never imagined! I think the eating aspect is different for everyone and really depends on how tight your band is. I haven't had much luck swallowing breads or dry meats like chicken breast, but I don't miss either. For meals, I can have a small serving of meat and a veggie or two. I have never felt unsatisfied or cheated. This was the best decision I ever made and the OCC was the most amazing place! I have no regrets and now live life to the fullest!! Hope this helps!! Good luck on your weight loss journey!! Mark
  10. Took my lap band on an 8 mile long bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge! We had a great time!!

  11. I am almost 60 lbs down since my surgery 6 months ago and have prevented my skin from sagging except for my tricep area. I have started lifting weights, but was curious if anyone has any other suggestions for firming up the triceps so my skin doesn't hang. I am trying to keep my skin as tight as possible. Thanks bandsters!!!
  12. I am down 52 lbs since my banding in September. I have been doing cardio, but want to implement weights into my routine. Are there any exercises I should avoid with the band? I didn't want to upset my port with certain weight training. Let me know your experiences. Thanks!!! Mark
  13. I have been there three times in the past four months (lap band surgery + two fills) and have always felt comfortable and safe. Good luck with your surgery! That is so exciting!!
  14. Thanks for the great recommendation! I haven't had any hair loss, but I am doing everything possible to prevent it. I will try these supplements since they seem to have a lot of benefits. Thanks!! Mark
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