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  1. Band to sleeve revision scheduled for June 28th

  2. Starting over, well kinda. I was unfilled for 7 weeks and got my first fill yesterday. On clear fluids now.

    1. ericg


      I haven't been on in a long time. Did you reach your goal?

  3. 2 lean cuisines and one protein shake a day. I lost 13 lbs in one week. Oh and brisk walk 30 mins a day
  4. My mom told me that she would pay me $5 for every pound I lost because I was 245, now I am within 15 lbs of her. She is eating those words now.
  5. Got banded by Dr. Ortiz July 16, 2010. Date of surgery 223. But before pre-op diet I was 240. Today 157. Happy, healthy and so ELATED with my decision. I would do it over again in a heart beat!!!!
  6. OK so I reached OCC's goal today of 158. Now on to my personal goal!!!!

    1. EcMjawad1


      WooHoo good for you!

    2. nothereanymore


      Awesome job!! You got a Christmas present early!

  7. I use the BlendTec from Costco.
  8. All vendors prefer US dollars. You need to take a taxi to the mall $5 each way. Do not pay the taxi drivers more. The Marriott is not very close to the mall. Can you change your reservations to the Lucerna? That is walking distance to OCC and the mall and is a much nicer hotel. The Marriott is in a not very nice neighborhood. The Lucerna is in the financial district with lots of restaurants within walking distance and even a Starbucks:) across the street. I have stayed at the Marriott once and the Lucerna three times. I wish someone would have told me this before I stayed at the Marriott, also go to Revolution Ave. Another $5.00 taxi trip with lots of souvenir shops. I have been to Tijuana 15 times now and drive in from my home in California so I have tons of experience there.
  9. Hey that's what I was gonna name my book, "Bandwagon". LOL
  10. Has anyone read : Lap-Band for Life by Dr. Ariel Ortiz?
  11. I am gonna order mine tonight as well. Thanks. I am going to need it through the holidays. My daughter baked cookies for the 2nd time this week. The only way for me to hide is to go for a walk. Then I have plates of cookies all over my kitchen. Need some courage till this passes.
  12. -80 lost 20 more to go!!!!

    1. goldilocks


      Congrats to you !!!

    2. EcMjawad1
    3. dewrob


      you go girl. Your loooking like a million bucks!!!

  13. http://articles.lati...-death-20110924 Another Lap Band death from 1-800-GET THIN. I am so very happy I went to Mexico and not some uneducated Dr in California. I actually called this 1-800-getthin number to ask how much it was. They gave me the run around and told me they would have a Dr in my area call me. They are actually just a referral service. Similar to the 1-800-dentist campaign. The Dr that called me also wouldn't give me a price over the phone. After getting very frustrated I found a Dr in Orange County (where I live) that told me $18,000. That's when I made my appt with OCC. Since July 2010 I have lost 78 lbs. I am getting so close to goal and thrilled with my results. Thanks to Dr Ortiz and the whole team at OCC.
  14. The Lucerna is a lot nicer than the Marriott. It is closer to OCC, shopping and super yummy food for your companions. Never pay more than $5 for a taxi. Some may try to rip you off. Make sure to visit Revolution Ave before you return home.
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