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  1. I saw my fill center yesterday. They were so amazing and informative. My band is still in good placement, pouch is still fine....ahhh, that felt so good to hear. They decided to take out 0.5 cc to help with the severe fluxuation and inconsistency due to stress, water retention, salt, hormones, etc. They just said that they see alot of women that have a hard time with the band since their bodies tend to be more influenced by the above mentioned issues...they think I might be one of them! They are hoping that will help so I can actually "eat" meals in the morning and at lunch so I won't be so hungry and tempted by evening to help allow me to eat slower and more rationally. I was getting very frustated because all the doctors tell you to only do solid meals and avoid drinking protein shakes and liquid calories, but when I couldn't get more than 1-2 bites of anything solid down before sometimes 1pm...it made for a very hungry girl by evening. They are actually happy with the weight loss so far. Down a total of 67 pounds from my highest weight. Soooooo....this morning after a cup of warm tea, I was actually able to EAT all three meals with very limited portions....and I feel so much better and satisfied. Living with the band has such a steep learning curve. I do agree with all of you...the band will only do so much for me, I have to do the rest. Thank you for all of your input and help.
  2. I know that I "should" eat less...but what I think I was expecting was that I would have a reminder from my band that I was full earlier. I think the reason that most of us have the band is because we really didn't have that feeling of full before. Again, I am constantly trying to work on my rules, but it is just so hard when one day I am so hungry and can barely get 3 bites in without almost getting stuck and then the next day virtually feeling no restriction at all. It makes it very hard to get "satifying" meals because each meal amount is so varied. Since I often don't get a chance to eat more than a bite or two, when I do get the chance, I often take it...not saying it is right, but the inconsistency doesn't seem normal either. Just taking it day by day. Hopefully, when I get my recheck on Wednesday, they have some words of advice. I just pray my band is still ok. This has been a very rough road the last 2 months.
  3. I've had my band since 7/26/10 and have had 2 fills (both with fluoroscopy). The first was 6.0 mls and I had only noticed restriction with foods like white bread and had minimal weight loss (7 pounds in 1 month). I had a second fill a month later of 1.5 mls and I then noticed restriction. The problem I am having is that I am unsure if it is me that is chewing poorly or eating too fast but I am so inconsistent with the amount of food I can eat from day to day or hour to hour. Some days I can barely get a protein shake down before 1pm and other days I can eat several pieces of thin crust pizza or even several crunchy tacos before noticing any restriction. I have had several PBing incidences since my last fill at the end of October but I have been trying to be more observant as to how and what I am eating...still seems inconsistent. I am a woman who really has a problem with retaining water so I notice a dramatic tightness during that week of the month. I have noticed that I have often found myself avoiding solid food and going to protein shakes, etc over the last few months to help avoid any PB episodes since I am so scared to hurt my pouch...which most likely accounts for why I am only down another 20 pounds in 2 months...and stuck there. I finally have time off work to get a recheck in 2 days to see what is going on. Just thought I would throw the question out there and see if any of you have had the same experiences. Thanks for listening. I feel like such a loser. I am a medical professional and feel like I should have a better handle on this than I do. I am certainly finding this journey much more difficult than I expected. Christy
  4. So happy to see this post. I am having the same problems right now. My surgery date was 7/26/10. My first fill was 6.0 mls with no restriction noted at all. A month later I received another 1.5 mls and restriction was definitely noted. I can't tell if my band is too tight or if I am inflammed because certain days I can eat very well and other days I slime/PB without any real reason noted. The frequency has been increasing the last few weeks but it is so random. I see from all the other posts to go on a liquid diet for at least 5 days and do Maalox 3x/day since it may likely be an inflammed pouch. I'm sure I could always improve chewing, food choices, hydration. I'm so scared about really hurting my band. My fills are done here in the Midwest always under fluoro but I won't have a chance to get into see them for another week or two so I will definitely go on the liquid diet and Maalox from all of your suggestions. Thank you!
  5. I felt the same way during my pre-op diet. In fact, whenever I start a lower carb diet, my body almost goes into shock coming off carbs and sugars. I am a true carb/sugar addict and it feels like it when I remove them from my system but after about 5-7 days, I feel so much better getting them out. I feel so much energy without carbs in my system and after the initial shakes and weakness phase is over, the cravings really go down. Hang in there.
  6. Hi, I was in the same position as you this last summer. I had by band placed at the OCC on 7/26/10 and when I started the process I was a BMI of 53. I was told by Dr. Miranda that I needed to lose 30 pounds prior to surgery. I had about 7 weeks to accomplish this goal...needless to say I had the same fears you are having right now. The good thing is that having a surgery, plane tickets, fear of sending me home bandless, etc helps keep you motivated. I was able to get the weight off...33 pounds to be exact as of the day of surgery. I followed the diet plan #2 I think of Dr. Miranda's...protein shake for breakfast and lunch, then a lean cuisine at night. LOTS of Water since I tend to retain a ton of it. So it is possible...strong dedication is the key, but you can do this. I am 57 pounds down total and in desperate need of my first fill. Post op is so wonderful because you just have very little interest in food and when you do eat, it takes so little to fill you up. Also, be sure to talk/email Dr. Miranda along the way to keep her updated...she gave me little hints along the way when I got stalled out and was having trouble/fears here and there. Hang in there and be sure to ask for help when you need it....we all need some help. Christy
  7. Ok, so finding a good fill center here in Minnesota has proven to be much more difficult than I had anticipated BUT I think I have found a good option for those of us here in the northern tundra of the US. I have called over 30 locations within a 150 mile radius over the last 2-3 weeks and had almost all the hospitals tell me that no one will perform a fill on a "Mexican" band because they are all faulty and placed poorly...nice. Also, the Realize/J&J Band was also causing me some trouble because most hospitals around here only do the Allergan band (Lap-Band) and also very few will do it under fluoroscopy which I find very important....so I think I've found an option. Dr. William Lee of the Southern Minnesota Surgical Associates has 2 offices...one in Blue Earth and one in St. Peter. They are perfectly ok with doing "Mexican" bands and the J&J bands and ALWAYS does them under fluoro...YES! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! I would love to go back to the OCC for all my fills but the reality is that I just can't get that much time off from work and pay for all the flights/transportation. I have a recheck/Fill set with the OCC in November but with the lack of restriction I have right now, I didn't want to wait another 2 months to risk gaining any weight. I will update with how things go after my first fill. I really hope this goes well since there are almost no options around here for fills. The Fill Centers USA branch in New Prague doesn't often use Fluoro and the set up fee for a new client is pretty outrageous. Wish me Luck!
  8. DrCif

    Crustless Quiche

    Thank you! Breakfast is so hard for me...never enough time, so this is such a good idea. I've also made some of the "Bites" from the EggFace recipe list which work out great for breakfast and also very easy and healthy for a snack when I feel the need.
  9. Hi, I am nearing my 6 week post op time and starting to think more about fills. I live in southern Minnesota and would love to have some options for Fill Locations. The Fill Center USA in New Prague, MN didn't seem all that impressive on the phone. Has anyone used them? Was it just a bad receptionist? I am planning a trip to the OCC in early November for a fill but don't think I can wait that long to get my first. Any ideas?? I've heard about a fill location in Sioux Falls, SD...a Dr. O'brien and a Dr. Strand?? Anyone used these guys?? How many of you get fills without fluoro?? Getting a fill with fluoro in the states seems very difficult and expensive. Many of the bigger hospitals around here will do the fill but by the time I pay for all the "endocrinology consult" fees "surgeon consult" fees and each fill, plus fluoro....by that time the trip to the OCC seems pretty cheap....and a lot less hassle. Thanks for listening...would love to hear your feedback. Christy
  10. Hi,us Midwesterners need to stick together! Do you always go to the OCC for fills or do you go somewhere in the Midwest?? If so, did you have any luck with the US place?? I lost 53 pounds from pre-op thru post op liquids but now that I've been on solids for a week...not a single pound...a little frustrating. I feel like I have some restriction...can only eat a fraction of what I cou...

  11. Wow, I'm glad this discussion has calmed down a little bit...it was pretty fiesty there for a while. Here is my 2 cents worth: 1. I was informed that the OCC did have both LapBand and Realize bands and that the surgeon would decide the best one based on my anatomy. Sounds good to me. Most American hospitals only have 1 brand to choose from because they are forced to choose which company will "fund" them. 2. From all the sites and research that I have found, there is no significant difference in results from either band. Results are still based on an individuals work and dedication to getting the weight off...Look at RevyD on the forum...has lost 145+ pounds and hasn't had a single fill! 3. I am a veterinarian that performs LOTS of varied surgeries and I can honestly say that you have no idea what you're going to need in a patient until you open them up and see what you've got going on in there. Abdominal fat can show up in the weirdest places even on a thinner patient. 4. American doctors have egos that tend to be a bit too large in my opinion. I attend a LapBand support group monthly here in the Midwest and I get the "shut out" of lots of discussions because I am very supportive of my "Mexican surgery"...the American hospitals really don't want people to get wind of this option....despite the fact that I have had better results and less complications than all of them...huh...sounds kinda fishy. 5. Most American facilities really push you not to do the Fluoro...why?...just seems like a logical step in a fill..see #3...every person reacts differently...to say that we just start people out at a certain number of cc's is crazy. Fills are very expensive here in the states and each access to the port (especially a blind stick) increases chance of damage to the port/tubing and infection....Less fills = better in my opinion. I am very nervous to get my first fill...have heard so many horror stories...but regardless will do it under fluoro...just doesn't make sense not to. Anyway, that is my opinion, take it or leave it...but remember if you post something on a forum...you will get LOTS of opinions and they may not all be siding with you...we all have such varied experiences. I am very happy with my choice to go to the OCC...they have saved my life and opened my eyes to the world outside of "american medicine".
  12. The lack of weight loss is frustrating but apparently very typical. I only lost 14 pounds post op...but being as large as I am, I thought I would have lost more. This is my first week on solid food and I haven't lost a single pound despite being very good to my band and following the rules....very frustrating. Getting back on solids has been wonderful but eating so slow is very different for me...I'm a busy lady on the go, like most of us. I just feel like I should be doing something else while I eat to use my time efficiently...like this morning as I post..I'm nibbling on my Tomato Pie for breakfast! From my vast 1 week of solid food experience eating very slow is the key....if I eat very slowly, I can feel full coming much easier and know when to stop without pain....but last night we were all talking and eating and I think I ate a little faster and noticed that I could eat more than my usual 1 cupish and oh my did I pay for it...so much pain...I did not PB but it was very uncomfortable. I should have eaten slower and paid more attention to the "full" button approaching....won't make that mistake again...yikes! Talk about great negative reinforcement!
  13. Thank you all so much for your ideas. I thought the liquid phase would be the hard part but finding that this next stage will be the challenging part because I have to make good choices to make this band help me out. Even today, the first day back on solids...I can feel "fullness" very early into my meals so I am excited and hopeful that this might really help me. Can't wait to try out some new breakfast options. I think pancakes, sausage, etc are in my past...and not even feeling too bad about it! Christy
  14. Are you ready for tomorrow?? Solid food...here we come!!

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