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  1. 10 months post plication, down 70 lbs!

  2. I just had the plication last monday April 4th, so far no complications, I was up and walking within an hour of the operation. First 24 hours is the toughest, mostly becuase of gas pains. I have not had any pains from the surgery and am now onto yogurts, sugarfree puddings, jello, and even had some cottage cheese. I am amazed at how I am not really hungry and can cure any hunger with a sip of juice or protein shake. As far as complications with plication vs the band, I went with plication becuase I didnt want to keep up on fills, or find a place to have it done for a ridiculous price. Also two of my neighbors are bandsters and strongly suggested the sleeve, however they were not aware of the plication. I am confident that I have made the right decision, on my day of operation there were 4 of us that got plication and two that got the sleeve. So far I am down 25 lbs including pre-op loss.
  3. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it all goes! when did u graduate from WSU? Are you still in WA? Go Cougs! we gotta win tonight!

  4. Hey WSUCoug - I attend WSU myself. I am getting plication on MOnday - 3/14. Wish me luck! :)

  5. The reason you cant see the "add a friend" is becuase you are looking at a current friends' profile already that has been added! so you can only remove them! try going to someone that you are not currently friends with, profile and click the top button on the LH side directly under their picture, that will add them as a friend! hope it works out

  6. Oh right, forgot the Atkins choice is a longer pre op............watch out for the high protein and keeping things moving inside, if ya know what I mean....lol... Sorry just figured out how to read a post from you, but still lost on the add friends thing......lol

  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend, I'm not sure how one does that I see assorts of headings but not noe that sats 'add a friend. Ok enough of my lack of teck skills...When are you set for surgery and where are you having it done? Cheers, Katie

  8. WSUcoug

    Before WLS

  9. I am scheduled for plication on 4/4/2011, just starting the pre-op Atkins diet.

  10. Hello--how's the plication so far?

  11. Scheduled for April 4th! it cant come soon enough! Have only told a couple family members, how have some of you planned to tell your friends or family? Or do you plan to keep it to yourself?
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