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    Just got back from the OCC and my first fill. I am continually amazed at how professional the staff & doctors are. Thank you OCC! Mark
  2. NetManMark

    Lap Band with Plication

    Many people have strong opinions, I was going for plication but wasn't able to because of a past surgery. I don't regret the band at all. I had no insurance, paid it out of pocket. At OCC there was not an extra cost for plication as long as there we're no medical exceptions. I looked long and hard at experience of others and found the OCC way above clinics in the US. In the end it is your decision. I wish you well. Mark
  3. NetManMark

    Need encouragement

    #1 Hang in there! #2 Hang in there! I really relate to your story. I fell the day before my flight to my surgery. I was already on crutches for periphial neuropathy in my feet and I broke my left wrist, sprained my right thumb, and my knees inflamed with the osteoarthritis I had (which had been in control). So I called to make sure they would still take me (they did). Then had to arrange a ticket for my wife (full price) and we took off. I have never been in so much pain before! If not for my wife I could have never made it. She refers to it as the flight from hell. I was on the max amount of pain meds I could and still be conscious... I was determined! Today, 2 1/2 months later, still in lots of pain & I can't exercise either but I have lost 65 lbs. Yesterday was my last day at work, I'd been on FMLA leave, and applied for disability. My wife does not work outside the home, we still have two kids here and she homeschools them. With all of that, we are still positive. I'm going to walk my young daughter down the aisle one day, and I'll be thinner than she has ever seen me! So, you are not alone. Keep in touch, we can do this together! Band on the run, Mark ;-)
  4. Hello fellow banders, Tomorrow is my first day off of the liquid 21-day diet. Yes, I made it through all 21 days! My first week I didn't lose much, 2 pounds. I didn't weigh at all last week but since I was at the hospital and they needed it, ok. I lost 20 pounds! WOW! The bad news was I went in to the hospital for the second surgery on my broken wrist. The news of my weight loss, however, made the pain both mentally and physically bearable. Thank you all for your support, this forum is awesome! Mark
  5. NetManMark


    Hi Tmpwall's, Sounds like you have a good start! I have found many answers and alot of encouragement on this forum's pages, I'm sure you will too. In case noone got back to you on the tickers here are some instructions (thanks to Mama Michelle): Here is how to make the weight loss tickers (for those who are still trying): First visit this link (I suggest doing it in a separate window) http://www.tickerfactory.com/ezticker/tick...gner.php?type=3 Select your ticker ruler- click next Select your ticker slider- click next Enter in your weight information and create a pin- click next Use Ctrl+C to cut the text from the first box (aka the bbCode box) Return to the lapbandforum.com site by clicking on this link to Edit your signature: http://www.lapbandfo...=UserCP&CODE=22 Use Ctrl+V to paste the ticker info into the signature box Click- Update my signature and you should see the ticker image at the top of that page, if you see just text something is wrong! Hope this helps! Good Luck & stay in touch, Mark
  6. I'm just trying to plan ahead, actually does anyone know of Fill Clinics in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho? I'm trying to plan for OCC but I'm not sure I can afford it, If anyone has prices in these areas that would be extremely helpful! I am on crutches with arthridic knees so the savings of using the bus/trolley then walking across the border doesn't work for me. Any & all information you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you my friends, Mark
  7. I just got a Band last Friday (Mar 18th). Was a very trying time - there & back. The surgery & OCC were great. I already talked about the struggle on another post, so I won't do again. I just want to communicate with others as I go through this (burp!). Suprisingly, 3 days after surgery, I'm not hungry. But I really didn't know what to expect anyway... Mark
  8. NetManMark


    Well, I'm back. I could not have the plication surgery because of a previous stomach surgery 10 years ago. So I am the new owner of a Band! Just got home last night. I had the worst time - - not at OCC, but first hearing I wasn't elegible for surgery, then getting through that. 1 day b4 flight - I fell at home and broke my left wrist,sprained my right thumb, and hurt my already arthritic knees. I was sure that night I would not be going but the next morning I called the airline and with the help of a very nice agent, I was able to get tickets for my wife to come. I never would have made it without her. All of the staff was great. They were kind and gentle, I was in so much pain, I screamed every time I had to standup or sitdown. Someone always was there to help my wife as she struggled with me. The doctors were also top-notch, and Dr. Ortiz could not have been better! So here I go on a new adventure! Thanks for the support that some of you so quickly gave to me. Mark
  9. NetManMark


    Thanks, I know that, but I just haven't been raised to spend for myself. My wife has told me the same thing, I know inside you are both right!
  10. I am a nervous wreck, but then my body is a wreck, hopefully it can only get better!

  11. I too am on the nervous train. I am scheduled for March 18th. I appreciate all of you sharing your experience & hope. I hope that one day I can do the same. Blessings to all of you!
  12. NetManMark


    Ok, I'm scheduled for March 18th. I haven't weighed for a week, I'm not sure I want to know. This has been a very hard decision, not because I don't need the change in my life but because I feel bad about taking the money that I would rather have my family use. However, I have walked through the steps, paid the deposit, filled out the forms, financed the cashiers check, started the diet. I have to say if I didn't have the support from my wife, I never would have made it this far! So, here goes for a better life!