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    Las Vegas Baby........

    I'm going to just miss you. I'm going 17-21 April. I am going to see the blueman group. I want to see O the Cir de sole show at the Belagio. But I am going to enjoy myself gambling. I hope you have the best time every. Save some money for me!!
  2. suzettem

    Surgery Date

    I wish you luck on your surgery. I know you will do well and be very happy. I will look for your posts to follow your progress. It will give me encouragement as I make my plans.
  3. A very nice person said to me, on here, that it was possible the RNY could have a revision with the band. There is a discussion that there are different bands to use. Which band would work for me having already had the RNY?
  4. suzettem

    pain after unfill

    Wow! This is interesting. I'm glad the revision is possible to do. Looks like you are still losing weight with it.
  5. What techniques do you use when you get frustrated because the weight loss has slowed down. I think that is what part of my problem was that has lead me to backslide and stop losing weight. Knowing how to cope with the delay in weight loss will help a great deal as I get back on the wagon and start to seriously keep track of my eating.
  6. suzettem

    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

    These food tips are very helpful. I think following these tips could help me get back on track.
  7. suzettem

    100 Best Workout Songs

    Love the selection. Music to exercise by but also music just to listen too. It it very motivational. Gets you moving.
  8. suzettem

    Weight Gain

    thank you for updating me. I appreciate someone answering. Is it possible that one of the procedures normally discussed on here can be done as a revision for my surgery?
  9. suzettem


    There are so many new babyfoods out there now. Especially the gerber steps that have babyfood and more corse food for older kids. Purely for time saving is it good to use babyfood as the food I consume during the soft food period.
  10. I am relatively new to this forum. I have read many testimonials and am wondering how people are doing now. Hope you are still reading this site. Please update your posts. Would love to see how you are now.
  11. I had my RNY 9 years ago. I have since gained 75% of my weight back. Looking for ways to get motivated and get back on track. More than willing to do another surgery if there is one available to jump start my weightloss. Wondering how many have done the same thing and are feeling as I am?
  12. suzettem


    I know that this post is older but I thought I would answer it now because I have a friend who has the same condition and she is taking the same med. She says it takes a couple weeks to get used to taking it then she was better. She says it helps. I hope after all this time you are feeling better, doing well and losing the weight you thought you would.
  13. suzettem

    chronium picolate

    Wow! I have the same problem. Hope you were able to put the money together and do the next thing to help yourself. Would Love an update if you could.
  14. suzettem

    having nightmares

    Hope you are still lurking on this site and just haven't posted because no one has responded to you in awhile. Now that you have had your surgery are things better? Are you having nightmares about the surgery or was it better than you thought it would be. New here and would like to hear about your progress.
  15. suzettem

    Pre-op Diet Questions

    2mara, since you were the last to post how has your weighloss been? I see that you are under your weight have you still kept it off? Have you still kept away from soda?