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  1. Lvbirgit


    Hi Goldilocks! we both had our band last sept. I also had my ups and downs and lost 33 pounds so far. I went up 6 pounds over the holidays ( went home to Germany and lived on cheese chocolate and had lots of high cal alcohol Drinks) but am back on track now .....yikes 5 weeks wasted. The only way my body looses weight if i get my butt to the gym and work out! I eat very little most of the time and should be better at keeping track but I am happy loosing even at this slow rate. Yes I know how to cheat the tool I have implanted into my body and payed a sh...load of money for! crazy, right! So basically we know what it takes....keep in mind what step you took to help yourself loose weight! We are all in this together! LETS DO IT
  2. Lvbirgit

    What have ~you~ heard?

    Most overweight people are jealous and the Skinny ones do not understand why I went so 'drastic'.....
  3. I am a recent bandster....9/9/2011 down 30 lbs since my journey started and loving it every day. I got the news last week that I am now diabetes FREE. I am working out 5x a week and it is getting easier to do. My goal is to loose 20 more lbs by May and i know I can do it.
  4. Lvbirgit

    Jello? Cottage Cheese? Applesauce?

    Don't blow it...... 21 days is not THAT bad....we all did it
  5. Lvbirgit

    First fill after surgery

    yeah , i agree we should hook up Where in Vegas do you live?
  6. Lvbirgit

    No restriction!

    Thanks again Karen for all your info. The doctor I original was referring to was DR Teng here in Las Vegas. But I will defiantly use Dr Ricciardi next time instead going to the OCC. The travel nightmare was a bit much on saturday......
  7. Lvbirgit

    First fill after surgery

    hi goldilocks, Who did your fill in Vegas? I live in Vegas but went yesterday to OCC and had my fill. My trip there was a nightmare with San Diego fog and the plane could not land and we flew all the way to Oakland.... It was a very long day but I got it done. If you don't mind would you also tell me how much you paid? I was in the same boat like you and have not lost any weight since after the liquid phase!!! The doc put in 4.5 cc's. It was cool to see the band working during the fluro.
  8. Lvbirgit

    So far so good

    I have lost 23 pounds total and am down one whole dress size.... I am going to the OCC to get my first fill this coming saturday 10/22
  9. Lvbirgit


    Hey all... anyone else on the 22nd?
  10. Good luck on your surgery today! I know you are in good hands. Ad yes, keep us posted.
  11. Lvbirgit


    going for a fill Oct. 22nd
  12. Lvbirgit

    No restriction!

    Yes Goldilocks, I just checked it too. 6-8 weeks is what is says! I am planning to go to OCC for my fill. I definitely want more restrictions for the holidays, lol. A local surgeon here in LV has the band filled at surgery and starts reg fills 4 weeks post op. Sounds scary to me.....I definitely do NOT want to go to him!!! I also heard he charges patients who had their surgeries done out of state $950 for the first fill and $450 for the next ones. A bid hefty, right?
  13. Lvbirgit

    No restriction!

    omg 3 month???? i thought I could get one by 6 weeks.... I better call tomorrow.