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  1. MissiD

    Questions about the Hospital?

    I remember my husband walked to a nearby restaurant and got a hamburger. I want to say it was a Applebee's or something like that.
  2. MissiD


    Do you know if they do Dental Implants?
  3. MissiD


    Hi Magee, You probably have had your surgery by now. I hope everything went smoothly. Did Dr Ortiz do the Surgery? Your probably going to be needing lots of sleep today and tomorrow so rest up. If you want to email me direct my email is Mdare99@gmail.com . Take Care, Its all good from here on out :-)
  4. Hi Mac73, Congrats on losing the 31 lbs. That is still a lot of weight. Ya, Don't be to hard on your self. It will come off. My surgery went good. I still have a little pain in my abdomen from the incisions but other than that I feel pretty normal. One thing I have noticed is that I'm not as hungry as before the surgery so that's good. I am looking forward to exercising in a few days. I really want to get to my goal weight fast and not put it back on. I have always been a huge yo-yo dieter. But we will see how it goes. Keep me posted on how your doing. Melissa
  5. You look awesome. I just had my plication 5 days ago and I am like you. I have about 50 pounds to lose and I did this surgery because I was so tired of the yo yo dieting. I just wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Hope all is well.
  6. MissiD


    Hello Magee1129, Today is day 5 post op. I'm doing pretty darn good. My incisions are a little sore but healing good. I'm still a little swollen but I can tell it's going down daily. I just had my first protein shake since the surgery and boy did it taste good, lol. I have been on the clear liquid diet up through yesterday. My experience at OCC was excellent. Everyone was very caring and helpful. The staff at OCC is excellent. I have to say if I go back and have anything else done I probably will brush up on my Spanish. There is a communication gap with the nurses however they always figured out what I was asking for.
  7. Hello, I am only 5 days out since my plication. I hope your doing better. Please keep us posted. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
  8. MissiD


    Well, tomorrow is the day. We have to get up at 4am. We should arrive in San Diego at 8:20am. Wish me Luck. I'm a little nervous to say the least.
  9. Hi Mac73, How are you doing now? Are you glad you did the surgery? Just curious since my surgery is in 5 days. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks, Melissa
  10. I get so excited and know that I have made the right decision every time I read a post like this. Thanks Girls ! My surgery date is July 5th and I can't wait to be posting my progress on this forum.
  11. MissiD


    My Plication surgery is July 5th. Is anyone else having there Plication surgery in July?
  12. Thank You fluffy, I'm glad to hear your doing well. Hang in there it will come off.
  13. Hello, My Plication is July 5th. I was wondering how the two of you are doing now that it has been awhile? I'm so nervous and I would love to know what your progress is. Sincerely, Melissa