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  1. Wish my notifications would work when I got replays. Sorry I never replied sooner Turns out I had that nasty Stomach virus. It was a 2 pack combo, I only got the gastrointestinal, yuck oh! Since then I've been great. I'm at 50 lb weight loss, sort of slowed down, trying to get back onto a routine now. Cody I sent you a private message. Can't wait to hear from you.
  2. Hi, Just past my 13 week post op plication, was doing great till this week. Started with pain in my upper back and upper abdominal nausea, with tenderness to touch. The back pain has gone, the nausea comes and goes. I'm trying to get into a local bariatric surgeon here, unsure what else to do? I really want a scope done to make sure everything's ok. I feel that everything's ok, but back of my mind had me worried. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, 3 days post op plication surgery, everything seems well except the nausea/ vertigo feeling. I'm trying to restore my electrolytes and keep hydrated, taking my anti nausea meds, walking to help with gas. I just dislike this nausea feeling. Other than that everything seems to be going great. Love to hear from others if they went through the same thing or have helpful tips. Thank u
  4. Thank you ladies for your post. Congratulations to the both of you on your positive life change. My surgery is in less than 48 hrs. I'm one who has never been thin, so this journey is going to be hard but worth every minute. Keep up the FA NOMINAL work!!!
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  6. I too am looking forward to my plication, but I have 1 question, how soon does the dr recommend going to wrk? I'm hoping to get mine done oct 14th and I'll be home by oct 16, then I work 19-20 then rest for 4 days. I hope it does not interfere with my job. Thanks for the post, congratulations on the success and making ourselves matter. Look forward to reading more from your blogs.
  7. hey, Im looking to have the plication done on the 14th, anyone else going down?
  8. I am also considering the plication, besides the cramping any thing else? where could I find information or maybe you could help me on the health risks? how can the plication fail for a person? How are you doing now almost 3 months post op? thank you
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