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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm from Beaumont, AB, just out of Edmonton. Surgery is on May 2! Thank you all for posting! I'd love to chat with anyone in my area or do support groups or something. Karent, thank you so much for the advice. I hadn't even thought of bringing my own meds with me. I have extended medical coverage too, so I'll definitely do that! Thanks for the advice on the iPad too!
  2. Delaura


    I'm getting the sleeve surgery in May and my BMI is over 50 right now. I'm working on a strict pre-op diet, but they accepted me no problem!
  3. Delaura

    Safety in Tijuana

    Thank you so much! That's really helpful! It's so great to know what to expect!
  4. Delaura

    First day pre op!

    I'm in AB too and I just started my pre-op as well!! What protein shake do you get? The one we got tasted SO salty and gross.
  5. Delaura

    Safety in Tijuana

    I am getting a sleeve in May!! Yay!! However, my brother expressed some concern about the safety issues that exist in Tijuana right now. Does anyone have any insight as to the area that the OCC clinic is located and any safety issues that exist there? Also, any safety issues with crossing the border? Thanks!