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  1. Hey Tamilenea. I do have a lot of info on real self about things that were helpful to me postop I think good planning ahead of time and having your house ready before you leave if you live alone or don't want to bug people you live you. I had my grabber to pick things up off the floor and my toilet seat riser that were godsends. I used the toilet seat riser to do the obvious but to also get showered and put my moisturizer on and get dressed as well. I got very creative because I don't like asking for help. After one week I was able to do everything including get into my garment myself. Also buy two garments. As far as pain I was totally surprised! I didn't have a ton of pain! I only took the medication they prescribed with is non narcotic and I bought a couple extra boxes to take home just in case and I did need a bit more at home. But it was nothing horrific like I thought. Everything is numb! The scar is there. It's tolerable but it is what it is for the result you get. This was the most major surgery I've had and I think it went awesome. Please make sure to take your vitamins iron especially religiously and get yourself in top shape preop. I believe this gets optimal postop results. You can message me here or on real self I'm happy to answer any questions. Good luck to you
  2. I had my lower body lift at the OCC of course!!! Dr Medina Sanchez did it. Dr Ortiz told me he was amazing and he absolutely was right. They took amazing care of me for my gastric sleeve and my plastic surgery experience completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you OCC/Ariel Center!
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    Preop Oct 2013 and 3 weeks postop lower body lift. Still was pretty swollen and had my JP drains in but I hid them for the pictures
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