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  1. I read your post and wondered if you got any replies? I haven't booked a date yet but am looking into December.  It seems there isn't much info on this forum and I'd love to read a real recent experience as I keep going back on my decision because I'm afraid mostly of complications as my insurance won't cover anything related to surgery not done thru insurance which worries me.

    1. VAnurse


      I just had surgery 6 days ago and OCC is everything that it promises.  The Center meets US standards and is Joint Commission Accredited as well as a Center for Surgical Excellence.  Those are not easy accreditations to come by and I am a nurse so I scrutinized the care.  There are many doctors who work there: surgeons, cardiologists as well as qualified nursing staff  and a nutritionist who were very caring.  Everyone spoke fluent English.  The Center is clean and well run.  They communicated well from the moment I scheduled the surgery to ensure that I was picked up at the San Diego airport smoothly, knew my times to be at the Center, and for follow up care.  I had very little discomfort and did well with just anti-inflammatory meds.  On post-op day 3, I went back to the Center to have a barium swallow study to ensure that my sleeve was patent and there were no issues.  When they took us back to the border, we were given a letter so we would not have to wait in line and could go through the express line.  That, alone, probably saved us 1-2 hours of standing in line!  Last but not least, I made some new friends at OCC who will follow me along my journey.  I feel good.  I am still on a full liquid diet but I am not hungry (eating a lot of soup and drinkable yogurt).  You will not regret the decision to have the surgery.  I also went into the surgery with a BMI of 33.5 which is why my insurance would not pay for it.  I am excited for my future and to feel healthier/ buy smaller clothes!!!   I hope this helped.