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  1. My surgery was pushed up to 2.27.17, so I'm no longer in the March group but I wish you all the best!
  2. Hello, I recently had vsg surgery 10 days ago and I haven't lost ANY weight! I lost 13lbs during preop diet. I am so scared that I will not lose weight. It was so hard for me to lose weight following all the different diets throughout my life. I THOUGHT that this HUGE decision to have my body cut open and manipulated would help. BEFORE you say it, I KNOW vsg is only a tool, which is why I exercise and follow the postop eating plan. I have been walking and consuming full liquids. I drink 6 bottles of water daily and get the recommended amount of protein. Idk what else I could do. Please God tell me all of this wasn't for nothing! My stats HW 246 SW 233 CW 233 Surgery date 2.27.17 at OCC Dr. Ariel Ortiz
  3. Thanks so much!!! Yes this is an emotional journey for sure. I'm almost too excited though! Focusing on my life after, hopefully no complications. I'm so sick of losing 20lbs and gaining it back. The pre-op isn't easy but I hope it goes by fast.
  4. Thanks for all your help and information! I've definitely been researching and following a few active forums!
  5. I am scheduled for March 8th! Coming from Florida! I'm also nervous, excited, scared, etc. I'm nervous about failing on my pre-op diet too. I hope everything goes well. I'm thinking about skipping this forum though because, no one ever responds, and there are plenty of views and no comments. I really want to hear what others are doing, how they feel etc.. Support, lol. I want more testimonials as well. If you are having surgery in March 2017, tell me why you chose OCC? What have you heard? And how do you plan to achieve your weight loss goals!
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