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  1. Does anyone know what level of air we're suppose to reach with our incentive spirometer exercises? I'm pretty sure it's different for men & women but I can't find instructions from OCC anywhere. thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you! My hubby is staying with our kiddos.
  3. Great! I arrive on the 6th around 10am. I am traveling alone. Cant wait to meet all of you!
  4. That's fabulous! Way to go! What have you been eating for protein? I too am waiting on my Vitaleph order to arrive. Will you arrive on Thursday, July 6th? if it's easier, my email is tanyathebaker@hotmail.com
  5. Absolutely! I'm super pumped! I'm starting my pre-op diet today (Monday). They want me to lose 14 pounds before surgery. How's your diet?
  6. I'm scheduled for the 7th also! Yay!
  7. Hi! I'm new. Just scheduled my surgery for July 7th. I'll be arriving on the 6th from Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone else having surgery on that day?