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  1. I got my lapband in 2005 and have never had a bit of problem and lost 150 lbs so have always been happy with my decision. Last Feb. I started having terrible abdominal pains when I ate and also a cough which kept me up all night, every night. The pain got so bad I was afraid to eat as it was so painful and actually lost 25 lbs because I couldn't eat. I had every test from a gastro Dr. and they found no reason for the pain. I didn't have a bariatric Dr. here in Ohio as I had not had a fill in ten years and its not easy to find one who will even talk to you if they didnt do your initial surgery. Finally after months of pain, I found a great bariatric team in Florida where I spend several months during the year. After getting all my info from OCC--they keep great records, I found out what the problem was. I had recent surgery and took a lot of medication during that time. This can cause the band to tighten. I had three cc's of liquid taken out of my band and the next meal I had was pain free. Also, no more nightly cough. So, beware, if you have the symptoms I've told you, maybe an unfill is in order. I had been eating very, very small portions and still do so I think my stomach is pretty small. I am 70 years old and food does not appeal to me so I am not afraid of gaining weight. If I do, I will gradually get more fills, but for now, I am happy to be out of pain. Keep the unfill in mind!!
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