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  1. Trav- You are precisely in the right state of mind to make a band work for you. Best of luck and enjoy the ride!! Amber
  2. Hey Chicka! Just as a FYI.... Dr. Neil in Olympia has Floro. This is were I went for my first fill cause I too 'wanted to make sure everything was OK". Initial appointments are $300 something. If you go back to the OCC, flight is $225, fill is free but the floro is $100. For around the same price you could stay here and go to the Portland get together!!!! You've probably already thought of this, but in case not, just throwin it out there Good Luck!! Amber
  3. :angry:I am so bummed! I am a party girl, especially after that first 100 pounds! I love, love, love to go and shake my money maker, but will be in-flight to visit my husband in Scotland. If the date ends up changing to anytime sooner (unlikely, I know), could someone PLEASE send me a email or PM?? Hope everyone has a GREAT time! Be SAFE and take LOTS of pictures!!!! Amber
  4. AmberLam

    My journey

    The good, bad...and mainly ugly!! :)
  5. I agree with mlgpdx (Mindy) 100%.. even down to keeping shakes on hand for TOM!! I live alone and when I do go shopping (not very often) it's only around $25. YAY!!! more clothes spending $$$$
  6. Sliding into my size 12 Levi's! Getting comments from my friends that I have I nice little booty (NEVER though I would hear that)! Getting hit on from the MENS when I go out.... Woot!!
  7. I'm down 100 since surgery, 123 pounds from my heaviest weight. Working on loosing more.....
  8. I totally agree with the majority. I had MAJOR issues with Dr. Miranda pre-op via emails and phone conversations. She told me I had to loose 30 lbs.. OK fine! But I only had 4 weeks to make it happen.... UGHHHH I was only 'penciled in' for my date and was NOT allowed to book air fare until she said it was ok. Ended up booking the plane 2 or 3 days prior to surgery (had to pay out the keester for the tickets!!). When I met with her, she was ecstatic that I had lost 21 pounds. She made no mention of the issues before I got to the OCC.. I don't think she had read my file, recalled any of the issues/conversations and to be honest, I don't think she had any idea who I was. She was completely a different person. Split personalities much?? Amber
  9. Hello Kevin! Welcome! I'm sorry but I cant offer any advice regarding vegetarians (I'm not one) or the shoulder/gas thing (this didn't happen to me). But something that YorkieMommy said really struck me... "Think of where you would be a year from now if you got the surgery sooner!" Wednesday, August 20th was my one year anniversary date. I have lost 100 pounds since being banded. I weighed 295 pounds the day of surgery. I cant imagine what I would weigh had I not had this done. I cant imagine going back to not having ANY self-esteem. Cant imagine hating waking in the morning and already being tired, just from getting up. Waiting for Diabetes to set in.. Waiting for my heart to give out... Waiting for my knees to quit carrying me. Waiting for yet another doctor to tell me I was too heavy to have children.. This was more than just a weight loss surgery for me. It has given me life! I wish that I could have had it done sooner. I'm sure that you will make the best decision that is right for you. All the best, Amber
  10. I normally do just some Mayo, mustard and pepper. But sometimes I add cubed cheese or chopped celery or pickles.. All just depends on what you like!! I dont put it on bread thou *sad face* Amber
  11. Hi miss Kim!! Something I've found that really helps me is canned chicken. I get 6 cans at Costco for $11.99 It is Kirkland Signature brand and each can is 12.5 oz. I can get 2 or 3 meals out of each can so that's kinda how I justify the cost. I just drain the water off as much as possible (and save this in tupperware for soups or whatever later, stored in the freezer) and dump the chicken in some tupperware. I like it plain, right out of the can, or sometimes I mix it up and do chicken salad. Each serving is 2 oz. (3.5 servings per can, drained) and has 60 calories, 1g total fat, ZEROOOOOOO carbs (I'm a carb watcher, can you tell??? hahah) and 13 grams of protein. A little chicken.. a little vegggg and I'm good to go! Amber
  12. Banded 8-20-07 so NEARLY one year ago I have Lost 100 pounds as of today That averages 8.3lbs per month
  13. Thank you Will!! You are so kind Vix- Thinking of you. Hope you are doing ok. Amber
  14. Thanks everyone SOoOoOoO much. The continued love and support here on this forum is truly amazing.. even for silly me who doesn't post very often! Soon, very soon all of you will be here too (if you're not already!) Jessica, I have the 4cc band.
  15. It has arrived! Today, 199.4! Had to get on the scale 3 times just to be sure... Same EACH time Haven't seen any one hundreds in about 13 to 14 years. I'm so excited!! Amber
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