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  1. Well, I don't know what my problem was but, after surgery and after the reccommended time off, I really didn't get bakc to my exercise routine. I used to walk up this local hill that has trails all through it, its about a 4 mile walk in total at a steep incline. about the 4th week into surgery, I started having mood swings. I started walking the neighborhood, and the walk seemed to aleviate it. But it was only once or twice a week. This is my sixth post-op week,( the week i go for a fill!) and Last night went back to my hill. I cannot explain how good it felt to make it up the mountain with ease!!! I used to huff and puff! but I felt so good going up that hill. This hill is my best friend! this hill is my boyfirend, my confidant, my everything and I am going to have to invest my entirety to it. Sounds a little dramatic, but I am just going to have to believe it for now. Its necessary!
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