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  1. I've never feel good if I don't have protein and feel myself getting weaker. Try smaller, pea sizes bites of high protein items and chew the crap out of it. Or try and drink something high in protein just to get yourself feeling better

    Any low BMI ers???

    SherriAnne, Your going to do great! You already look like a million bucks, this will just be the topping on the cake ♥
  3. My weight loss journey had to be rewritten in March of this year I'll update my whole story when I know how this journey is going to move forward

    Parking at the Border

    Boy, we've parked at the border for the day but not overnight. GET RENTAL INSURANCE lol (The daughter will be here this weekend, I'll ask her what people do)
  5. This winter I had an opportunity to work with a photographer, what fun! The last time I had professional photos taken was over 30 years ago at our wedding so it was time. In 1956 either my mom or dad were old enough to marry in WA state so they ran off and eloped in Idaho, unbeknownst to either set of parents. Once they announced their nuptials, they had a reception and this is the off the shoulder wiggle dress my mom wore to the event at the end of the video. I couldn’t be happier or prouder to have been photographed in the same dress 57 years later and it zipped
  6. I've heard Dr Michael Williams does in Atlanta but give them a call 770-500-3664

    A few concerns

    Mishell, your so young! The quicker you get a handle on it the better I think all of us that had surgery at the OCC in MX had concerns about complications, safety, etc. But it really is a nice facility and they take great care of their patients. I did enough research that I had complete confidence in my decision to use Dr Ortiz and the staff was just wonderful. The sleeve wasn't around when I made my decision to have survery, I'm a band patient so I really can't help you with any sleeve questions. I went down with a friend that had surgery at the same time, I've sent down one family member and 2 people I work with to the OCC and all had the same great experience. Since that time, I live in WA, a bunch of us have gotten together from time to time that had surgery at the OCC I don't think you can go wrong

    What happened to the forum?

    Just over 6 years now and still loving the weight being gone
  9. This summer I needed to renew my passport, it's been 10 years and what a difference Dr Ortiz, OCC and Dr Nyte made Thanks! http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=5182547013/a=124930589_124930589/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
  10. Way to network ladies!
  11. PAMMIE

    Help Please

    Hope you got the help you needed
  12. PAMMIE

    One Week Until Surgery!

    Get aftercare set up. I can't tell you how important that is. If your not within driving distance to the OCC, find someone local. Yes, the OCC is great for aftercare but you still need someone local in case of emergency
  13. PAMMIE

    Its Done! I'm a Sleeve Girl

    Wow Lori, I had no idea you were having this done. All my best to you!
  14. Nice to hear they're helping you Kelly. You hit the nail on the head, it's an investment and if something isn't right, MAKE IT RIGHT!
  15. Sounds like your on the right road Enjoy your new health!