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High Protein Jello Pudding

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I have been using Unjury protein powder, which is medical quality whey protein. I love this stuff!! Here is an awesome recipe they have on their website.

High Protein Pudding

Use Jell-O Instant Pudding (Not Cooked) 4 servings package.

Measure 2 cups of cold milk following package directions.

Add two scoops of UNJURY's unflavored protein to the two cups of cold milk.

Thoroughly mix UNJURY's whey protein powder with the milk by shaking or stirring.

Then follow pudding package directions by putting the Jell-O Instant (Not Cooked) Dry Pudding Mix into a bowl. Add the Unjury and milk mixture.

Mix Well. Chill and Enjoy!

Protein: Each ½ cup serving has 14 grams

*Suggestions for flavors:

* Unflavored UNJURY in Chocolate pudding mix

* Vanilla UNJURY in Vanilla pudding mix

Check out other recipes and their products at the following site: http://www.unjury.com/

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