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Feeling down, progress slow since Plication on March 14th

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It has been a while since I checked in here, and after reading my past posts and others who have been up and down on their journey, I thought I should share my progress just to reassure you that it might be slow but the destination is still the same. I am down a total of 86lbs since deciding on gastric plication. I started as a size 22/24 and am now a 14. Regardless of the amount of weight or change in appearance, it is the improvement in how I feel that reassures me that I made the right decision. So don't give up, don't get down - there will be days where you will slip up and not follow your diet properly, days where you skip the exercise and yes, the emotional eating may remain a challenge. But if you just put yourself first and remember that we all set out on this journey because we felt we were at the end of our rope, you might be able to motivate yourself to keep pushing forward. I hate to put photos of myself online but I know how much it helped me when I saw others share their before and after (or before & during) photos so here goes - uploading to my gallery on my profile!

I hope it helps someone out there who is feeling defeated. I started this thread a while back because I was feeling discouraged - thank you to those who were kind enough to encourage me to keep trying.

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