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My first Blog... ANNOYED!!



:angry::wacko: Ok I thought I would never blog.. I am not sure why but I always thought it wasn't me. So here I am and I am not sure what I am to say...

SOOOOOO..... I am going to start off by saying I am leaving day after tomorrow to have my lap placed on July 1st.. I am excited not really nervous, just want it over and done with and back with my family at home,, on my way to a healthier life..(I refuse to punctuate properly on this blog by the way).

I am a little irritated by my husband today though,, he means well, but has annoyed me to no end today. We were in the pool with the baby and he offered me the brand new 2008 Mercedes I have been wanting for the past year if I agreed not to go through with the surgery on Tuesday. WTH???? I feel that I have done all my due dilligence, conferrged with everyone on this site, I did my homework!! He has let everything go til' today. Here it is the weekend and no one to talk to about what is to happen to me on Tuesday... He has decided to wave this car in front of my face like this isn't serious. I am dead serious about this and know that I am going to go through with it!! I did agree to write a half baked will before I left and I decided to make him purchase the mercedes any way with all the bells and whisltes and bury me in it. HA HA..If need be.... I know he just worried about me, but I am the type that once my mind is made up that is it, I am doing it!! I just don't need that type of manipulated impulsive offer right before I leave... This isn't an option to back out.. I am determined to do this!! So that is my feelings for today. I can't wait for Monday to come... This is going to be great for me. BTW my husband doesn't know it yet but I AM getting that car when I get back,, Panoramic sunroof and I am going to ask for the AMG to boot!! Well that is it for me now.. I am not sure if anyone reads this or not but this is cool as a diary for me.. See ya xo Lisa~ :unsure:


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