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Sore stomach, even after a protien shake



I have had my band in for almost 2 months. My first fill was 2 weeks ago. This past week, I emotionally overate for about 4 days in a row. I ate when I wasn't hungry. I started to get heart burn and food stuck as it went down(lots of pain), but I never threw up. Now, I am trying to get back on track with eating only 1000-1200 cal/day, but I can only eat soft foods and my stomach is in a lot of pain whenever I eat. I am constantly hungry and thinking about food. Do you think I could have stretched out my stomach or caused slippage? If so, has this ever happened to anyone. How does everyone deal with emotional eating?


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OMG I went through the exact thing. I got banded on Feb 1 and other than the initial month of being on an all liquid diet, I didn't notice any difference as far as what and how much I could eat. I got my first fill in March and could eat pretty much the same as before. I went through weeks of emotional eating. You name it and I guess I was kind of testing the band because I figured I shouldn't be able to eat that much. anyway, I went back to my doctor a few days ago and he did the second fill. He said that he hadn't filled the band that much and that it wouldn't be at its tightest until 4-6 fills. Check to see how many cc's your doctor's put in your band. I also thought my band had slipped but my doctor told me trust me you'd know immediately and we'd know as well. So there is hope!!! Just try to eat healthy and as always eat slowly and chew your food really well. you will get there. I have to admit I notice a difference now after the second fill. Good luck!!


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your not the only one that eat due to emotions i do it all the time iv been battling with it i had the band done july 27th iv been on liquids since but i caved and had a biscut and gold fish not bc i was hungry just bc i wanted to eat and i didnt feel anydiffernt i thought i wouldnt be able to eat as much as i did then i felt guilty and there was no pain i didnt feel any differnt then before surgery i am very discourage and dont no what to do any suggestions?

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