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Day one



Day one to my adventure..The pre op diet is killing me...Hungry hungry.. but I will live, lord knows I have a few fat cells that my body can use for energy...Bought plan tickets, deposit is made, so we are on like donky king! I am so excited to get this band put in. I can't wait to be healthy again... =D>

So besides begin hungry I am ok, a few headaches today, but with good medicine they are gone.

Update on my road to Mexico tomorrow.


Day two--I starved BUT I didn't go off plan!

Day three 2-30-09

Day three of the pre op diet, I got some great info from folks on the boards about increasing my protein intake. I hope that does the trick. I am a bit shakey about going to work on this diet..(ER nurse). I am afraid I won't have the stamina with the low food intake...Well just have to deal with it. Twelve days to surgery countdown. :D I am getting so excited I have wanted and waited for this for so long.



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