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-still at the same weight. whatever..people have been telling me i look so good and that i'm "dynamite". hahaaa

-i got dress coded at work. apparently my skirts are too short...hahahaaaaaaaaa

-i dyed my hair darker because i'm starting to tan and i figure darker hair looks better with golden skin. it's a cool brown instead of orange :D

-i was in la last week and we went to santa monica beach. i took my shirt off and laid out with a bikini top on. wow first time ever in my life was i able to show my body in public like that and not be embarassed.

-mario is friends with jake again, but now gio is obsessed with being bestfriends with mario and jake is jealous so he's trying to be bestfriends with gio. hahaaaa anyways...

-i figure if it has nothing to do with me i really don't care or want to hear it.

-yeah i'm pretty selfish.

-me and jeri are now obsessed with the gym and looking "good". we text constantly about how we're at the gym working out. it's so amusing. we also talk about eating healthy. jeri is a vegetarian for like two years now and she decided to become vegan to lose 30lbs. because she's 160 right now. i was like whoa jeri we're only like 35lbs difference now and she was like wow. before i was always 100lbs heavier than her. it feels so good to be almost equal amongst your peers and not be some abnormal freak.

-did i ever mention i got two tickets in barstow for going 100+?? well let me tell you something..barstow police/court system does not mess around. i was found guilty on both charges (2k down the drain), got my licensed revoked for 30 days, and was forced to look at the death book. it's ok, I deserve it and i'm grateful that i wasn't one of the pictures in the death book.

-today is my day off and i'm really happy. i'm happy because i'm alive, healthy, getting fit, good friends and family. i'm just really loving life right now ^_^


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