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new to all this



hey my names tiffany i just had the band done on july 27th, i know i should be excited but am very disscouraged i no it dosnt happen over night but i feel like iv been trying so hard and i dont feel any differnt, it is a battle i am still on liquids and i want to eat i no i shouldnt feel this way but its so hard i havnt gone out besides to the store bc everyone wants to go out for dinner or drinks in a crowded bar and i am affraid for someone bumping into my port anyone have any ideas on activities i can do with friends that dosnt envolve eating or an over crowed place?


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Hi Tiffany,

My name is Sandra. I had the lapband inserted on 8/12/2009. I am sorry that you are having trouble getting out with your friends. I am worried about the same thing. I was thinking in the line of movies or shopping. except movies for me involve eating popcorn which I am told is a no no for life. and shopping usually means spending money. Did you have much of a problem getting things down after surgery? My dr overfilled my band and I could not get anything down. finally after 3 days in the hospital on IV's he backed it off 1cc and I still feel very tight. I spit every liquid back up and it comes up continusly at night while I am laying down which makes it very hard to sleep. Did you experience any of this?

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Hi All,

I just had my sugery on Aug.10. 09 and am doing very well. I am still on the liquids just for another day i hope my Doctor called me on fri and talked to me to see how i was doing and said when i see you on tues we might move you up to soft foods. I have not been sick one day,in any way I am excited that i have had it done SO FARE. I hope the ones of you that is having so much trouble get better soon.

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