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Thinking about getting a band...



I am a 49 year old nurse who is thinking about getting a lap band. My husband has already given me the go-ahead and now I am researching everything. I was all set to make an appointment with OCC until I started reading about "PB and sliming" and started getting grossed out. I am not sure what these terms really mean and I hope someone will tell me. I hate throwing up more than anything in the world and from what I am reading, it appears that it will be a way of life. I hope someone can tell me that this isn't the case. Please advise because I am really sick of being overweight! Thanks


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A PB is a productive burb. When something like that happens, it can be like you burp or hiccup and food returns in your mouth. Or, it can be where you bend over and open your mouth and a blob of "slim" comes out with food particles in it. Some report that PB is more along the lines of a good heaving vomit. That discription being said, I have had all three of what I have discribed. I am nearly 6 months out from surgery, and am learning my body signals. Which I have gotten better at listening for and too. If I PB, more often than not it has been more along the lines of bend and spit out what comes up. Or at least it has been. I recently had a sinus infection and learned that post nasal drip really does affect my band. What I mean is the band gets junk around it and boom PB - the food came back up in a vomit discription. That is the only time I have had it be that harsh. Now more times than not if I PB it has changed into more of the burp.

I don't like PB or sliming, but it is not as bad as vomiting. You don't have the stomach acid and the sick feeling that comes along with it. I am like you, I hate throwing up. Try to avoid it at all costs. So much my husband tells me, not to fight it, that I will feel better afterwards. What ever! LOL After saying that. It is not a huge issue. I've learned to eat slow, chew, chew, chew and to take smaller bites.

PBing is not something that is done on a regular basis. More times than not, I have these moments after a fill. When I am adjusting to my new level of restriciton. I do have some foods that just plan do not set well with my band. Sadly, I have been learning them and cutting them out of my diet. It's a small price to pay for health and weight loss for me.

When I decided to have the surgery, I was pretty gung ho. I had made my decision in March and had anticipated I would have my surgery in June. Ended up I had work conflicts and had my surgery in April. I read literature, and Dr. Ortiz's book, became a member of this forum and LBT. I have learned sooo much from this forum it is awesome. I would recommend you reading and posting here, as you will learn alot of what is to come. In some ways I regret not being a member here for longer before my surgery becuase it is so informative. However on the other hand, I was ready to make a change and I was ready to do the deal too. Patience is hard to have when you are ready. At least it was for me.

I hope my rambling has helped you.

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hi there i was banded one year ago in mexico, i have lost 45 lb i feel great , i learned with my body, if i eat rice, moodles dry food like fries, baked potatoes, sandwiches i get sick to my stomach ,i use to throw up alot in the biggining but i learned from my mistakes and i only eat what i know i can keep down. i can;t eat anything i want i can only eat soup and nothing dry, but it works i lost the weight and i feel great gbu all

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Hi...Im going tohave the procedure done on Jan. 15 and looking forward to it...I have done a lot of research and read a lot of things that could dicourage me but my attitude is Ill deal with the problems if and when they arise. Im not a skeptic, so right now im not going to worry about other peoples problems as Lord knows I have enough of my own right....My main goal is to lose weight abd I havent dione it yet...so for my overall health this is the way I have chiosen, good luck to you

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