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The beginning



i started this journey about 8 months ago, maybe a little longer. It all started with interest in a tummy tuck. You know, the woman thing, not happy with my appearance. i also have an awesome friend who offered to help me with the financial portion needed to have this surgery. i saw Dr. Proffer in late September, he is a very nice man. He gave me a bunch of information, but really pressed into me that i should be as close to my "ideal" weight as possible. i asked him questions about the lap band surgery and he suggested that if i was already having questions about it, that i see Dr. Watson Roye and get all my questions answered. So..........it began. The first thing i think i really thought about was the difference in the weight i would settle for, and my "ideal" weight. They were pounds apart, i will say that. i have been on some sort of diet for most of my life. The first one i really remember is in the 6th grade i started Weight Watchers with my mother and my goal weight was 75 pounds. The diets continued through my adult years with a combination of crash diets, weight watchers, Atkins, Curves and the gym. Most of these i tried on more than one occasion. Yes i would loose and gain and loose and gain. And the gain was always more than the loss. Three years ago i found myself at my all time high weight at 290 pounds. i couldn't climb the stairs and it would take my breath away. Jamie became concerned with my health. So once again i was dieting and at the gym and i lost down to 215. Its a constant battle of salads and exercise. i don't mind the eating right, its that i don't get full with smaller portions of food regardless of the kind of food. So the weight has come back as it always has before. After talking to Dr. Proffer i make a appointment to see Dr. Roye and i went online and read all i could about Lap Band Surgery. i think by the time that i saw Dr. Roye i had already made my mind up that i wanted the surgery, it was just more of what do i need to do to qualify. Before i ever had my appointment i found out my insurance would not pay....bummer. The surgery alone is going to cost $14,000. But it was as if it was suppose to happen because one of my biggest supporters and best friends was gonna co sign so this could happen for me. i felt healthier just knowing it was going to happen. My appointment with Dr. Roye was October 8, 2009. Oh my goodness i left the office on cloud nine. He told me that i met the critiria needed to have the surgery and introduced me to the surgery coordinator, Sandra. Sandra went over the steps i needed to follow and additional information Dr. Roye would need before i could set my surgery date. i would need a psyc evaluation and a cardio evaluation. i also would have to see a dietian and attend a seminar on WLS. i left his office on a mission that day to get into see these doctors as soon as possible. i saw the psyc doctor (Dr. Barton) on Monday October 12, 2009 for my online testing, having to return for the evaluation with Dr. Barton on October 13, 2009. Monday afternoon i had my cardio evalution ( Dr. Huq). Since my insurance would not pay for the surgery i also had to self pay for the evalutions. Dr. Bartons fee was $332.00 which i didn't stress over to much. Dr. Huq was going to be a completely different situation. i was told by his office that the evalution would only be $159.00, but the test he would order would be about $2100.00. i felt a huge wall being thrown up in front of me, but i prayed and kept the appointment. After seeing Dr. Huq he did in turn order some testing and i explained that i was a self pay, so he ordered a few different tests to try and help me out. The billing assistant came and sat with me and we went over the price of the tests. One would be only $100.00 and the other one would be $850.00. i went ahead and stayed and took the $100.00 test that day and explained i would have to schedule the $850.00 test the following month after i could save the money. After waiting for several hours and running on a treadmill, with no bra on! EKKKKK! Dr. Huq gave me my results........i was cleared for surgery, no other tests needed. He would just want to see me in 6 months after i had my surgery. i couldn't believe it, my prayers had been answered........again. Thank you Jesus! Our God is so much bigger than we could ever imagine. On October 15, 2009 i attended the seminar given by Dr. Roye about WLS. All that is left is to see the nutritionest, my appointment is on October 28, 2009. i am so ready for this lifestyle change. i know it isn't going to be easy, but the best things in life never are. Dr. Proffer said something that i really appreciated. He said nothing upset him more when people say that lap band is the easy way out. He says there is nothing easy about it. And after what i have read he is exactly right. It is a complete lifestyle change that will change your life forever.

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Wow! What a great story. I was a self pay as well, but I had my surgery with the OCC. There was no way I could have afforded the price in the US. By going to the OCC I had the best lapband surgeon and team and saved over 50% of what I would have had to pay in the US. I didn't have to do the testing or evaluations you mentioned. The OCC did some pre-op testing. I guess maybe that may be the same tests you are talking about. Not sure.

Congrats on everything falling into place. I am looking forward to hearing more of your experiences.

I have a loan for my surgery too. For me, it is a small price to pay for health and wellness. My payments are reasonalbe too. I have them set at $150.00 a month.

When is your surgery date?

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