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A Little History



My mom had her lap band done in Mexico (Not by OCC) on November 6, 2006. She did not have a good experience and was in pain from the second the drugs wore off. I would watch her eat, and it just seemed like so much pain. I used to tell her that if being in all that pain was the cost of losing weight, count me out. Granted she lost 53 pounds, but finally had to have the band removed (after 1 year). Seems the doctor who put the band in, nicked her stomach and a hole was created.. The band was slowly going into the hole.. Just a mess.. HECK NO.. the band was something I would not consider.

I have struggled with my weight forever. I am 5'6" and weight 203lbs. I exercise 3 times a week and not just walking, I take a high impact step class 2 of the 3 days and a circuit class on the other day. I am super good during the week at work and tend to lose it a little (not bad) in the evening. My bad times are on the weekends. I have done every type of diet and lost weight.... but then put it back on. I am sure lots of people on this board have gone through the same thing.

My mom is constantly telling me to get the band, get the band.... So she mentions a Dr. Ortiz that she saw on Oprah, and tells me to do some research. I tell her to find me his number and let me call to see what the cost is.. I haven't even renewed my passport in years. So I get the number, I speak to Lori (she was so nice), I find out the cost and my interest is peaked. I do some research, to see what others have said about Dr. Ortiz. I actually spoke to someone who had surgery done by him.. Nothing but great reviews.

So I mention this to my husband and he is not thrilled about it, but is very concerned. He just wants me to be sure that I am doing this for the right reasons. He wants to make sure that I am doing this for me and not my mom, for him.. etc... I assure him that if I don't do something now, it's just going to get worse for me. I was 186lbs when I met him 3 1/2 years ago. I cannot keep the weight off on my own, I need help.

So more searching and I finally make a decision to write Lori and see if there is a spot open for me on 12/28/09.. She confirms and then sends me all the paperwork. I fill everything out and fax back, mail my deposit and get my passport renewal in process. I email Lori back asking to move the date up to December 21st instead..

I am a little freaked out.. But when I read all the wonderful posts and encouraging words on this site, I feel better.

Decision Date - 10/28/09 - 203 lbs

Surgery Date - 12/21/09

My mom is going to take the trip with me. I live in Orange County, CA.. not too far a drive.

As time gets closer I will continue to post..


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