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Surgery is tomorrow morning



Ok here goes, I have NEVER wrote a blog in my life. I am so so excited and yes scared to have this done, but know this is something that I want and really need to have done.

I have done 9 1/2 marathons in the last 2 years. (I walk) I have done many 12k's, 5k's and so on but can not seem to lose. I love walking and would really love to run with my husband. (he just started in January) I'm the middle girl of three and always thought of myself as the fattest, ugliest of the three. I have been overweight all my life. I am following in my mothers footsteps with health issues and I just need to stop this cycle.

My husband and kids are backing me 100% and say they love me for who I am but I want to love myself for who I am so this is something I am doing for myself. (yes in the long run for them to .. to be around longer in their lives) :wub:

So wish me luck and please tell me how to do my page..and add the weight tracker lol



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Well, here goes again. :yahoo: Surgery has been completed and I am back at the hotel to spend a nice quiet (sleeping since I have done much in two days). Tasted the broth here at the Marriott and oh my gosh it is wonderful. I'm a little sore but nothing I can't handle and REMEMBER lol I'm a BIG BABY !!!

I am so excited to start this new life style and begin to feel better.

I really want to thank OCC !!! ALL of the staff is wonderful Marriott has been great!!!

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