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today i went to the mall and i passed the foodcourt. i saw hotdog on a stick and the big picture of a cheese on a stick..i wanted one so bad. today was really really cold and all i wanted to do was indulge in any and all types of comfort food especially anything fried and cheesy! then there was the cinnabon station and omygoodness i was DYING. i walked away. i decided this week that i was going to get back on track with my weight loss so i figured no more giving into my indulgences or hasty hunger picks. i spent all this money on healthy groceries just the other day so i was like i have food at home so i'm just going to walk away now. and i did! wow it was so hard to actually tell myself no and just walk away. i've become so used to just getting what i want and instant gratification that i forgot duh I had to work at losing 150lbs. I didn't just get there by saying yes to cheese on a stick everyday right?! but this last 50lbs is killing me! it's like everybody is like oh you look so good already and i'm like oh i look fine i guess maybe i can slack off a little but that is where i went wrong! no i cannot slack off! i have to make it to my goal not someone's else. and i can't be so hard on myself either. because the last lbs are usually the hardest to get rid of because your body is used to your "tricks". anyway here's to losing weight during the holidays! :) and i'm going to avoid the food court from now on


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