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My First Entry (Kinda)



Wow. I figured out this blog thing except that I accidentally made two blogs. :P Anway, I immediately started writing all about my weight and food issues. The reason I wrote, "Wow." is because I've been writing steadily for the last hour. What I ended up with is pretty intense and I'm not sure if I should publish it. It looks like I just vomited up 23 years of food and weight issues. It was good for me to get all that out but I'm not sure if I want to slime anyone else with it.

For now I'll say, I'm fat. I'm sick of being fat. I need help not to be fat. I think the lapband will help me as I change my eating habits. I don't want the lapband to just help me eat less of the foods I ate that helped me get fat. I want the lap band to help curb my appetite while I try to change my life and eat healthier foods. Currently, I'll eat a healthy meal of a lean protein, veggies, and a salad. Then, still hungry an hour later, I'll sit down to my real meal of fat, carbs, and sugar to fill myself up. I'm hoping that with the lapband I'll eat my healthy meal, feel satisifed sooner, then stop. And I can just focus on eating better.

I'm praying for success.


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I wish I would have blogged along the way. Good for you! And what you said about "using the band to help curb my appetite while I try to change my life and eat healthier foods"... BINGO! I only just had this same realization this week...14 months in to my journey!!! With less fill, I eat REAL food and, surprise, real food fills you up when you have a band! Here's to good health. Now if only I could get off my butt and get some exercise!


ps- I have two small kids (plus my niece and nephew) I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every day. Just keep the treats out of the house (they don't need it either) and you won't be so tempted.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ortiz last year and he said, "What is crap? Crap is food that has been processed. You eat processed food and you're eating crap!" I was thinking crap has all the nutrition taken out of it too. Just like processed foods. So, when I was tempted to eat junk food, I just asked myself if I really wanted to wolf down that crap. lol.

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