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Three Days Since Surgery



I'm feeling pretty good except I caught a cold. Coughing and sneezing are not fun at all right now. I haven't been hungry at all. I just want to eat because I want to. So, I'm focusing on my stomach instead of my head. I am tired of sweet stuff and concentrating more on broth. If we could still have jello I think I'd make some beef flavored jello.

My husband and I met some great people in TJ. Everyone having surgery and their spouses or family members were very friendly. I could totally see myself hanging out with everyone and overeating! Now we just have to talk and nibble! lol. I think we'd get to know each other even better. One of the girl's husband spoke fluent Spanish and what a blessing that was!

Prior to the surgery I showed one of the gorgeous surgeons the scars I already have on my stomach and asked him if he could hide as many scars as possible in my existing ones. He did a great job and I only have 2 that are "new".

I can't see enough about OCC. Everyone was friendly and professional. The center is immaculate and I would have absolutely no reservation about recommending them to anyone. The surgery was not as bad as I expected. I can't believe I haven't even been taking my pain meds. I'm just sore. My periods were way worse than this.

Last night I weighed myself and found I had gained 2lbs!! Though, when I weighed myself this morning I had lost those 2 plus another 1.5 or so.

Ok, I'm going to go on a little walk on my treadmill. Until next time, be blessed.

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